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  1. Rdr2 online is a trash. Just microtransations and dlcs. Congrats gow! A exclusive game win’s Rockstar
    (Sorry my english)

  2. And yet I try to tell the popular Kids that fortnite didn’t win game of the year but they still think it did.trying to tell them to search this up and then they don’t want too cuz they are afraid of the truth,they also say god of war and red dead redemption 2 are the gayest games ever.they are 9-11 yr olds and I’m 10 but I’m not part of there group.

  3. Did this upload change the music Reggie, Shawn and Phil came on stage to? I swear they came on to some weird JoJo remix but I may have imagined it

  4. The RDR2 awards were nice, and congrats to GOW for winning, but to be honest, the only party I truly cares about was this: 3:29:24

  5. The start was breath-taking on xbox ps4 and nintendo Appeared on stage… Rival became friends… And i hope xbox games, ps4 games, nintendo games can be played in one console (to defeat google's new console)

  6. the live chat is so dumb, they don't even heard the guys said "from obsidian" and already thought it was another fallout and started trash talking about them, that's toxicity on another level

  7. And the awards go to red dead redemption 2

    And the awards go to red dead redemption 2

    And the awards go to red dead redemption 2

    And the awards go to red dead redemption 2

    Thats all i heard

  8. Run that 90 with the drum attached (Drum)
    You shit talker we got guns for that (On God)
    Tryna fist fight, boy, you dumb for that (Stupid)
    You gon' get a bullet in yo' lung for that (Stupid)
    Draco get to kickin' like Liu Kang (21)
    F&N on me in the Mulsanne (Straight up, straight up)
    Glock 19 and a blue flame (Straight up)
    I was strapped when i slid inside your boo thang (On god)
    21 immortal =, we never die (21)
    Loyal to my brothers (Yeah), I will never lie (Straight up)
    Call me bird dog 'cause I cheat and im fly (Straight up)
    And I love winnin', im upset if it's a tie
    If you ever try to go against the gang (21)
    we goin drop…

    [Verse] Beat you off the ground just knock you to the floor (Yeah)
    Let's go blow for blow (Yeah),
    let's go toe to toe (Straight up)
    When it's time to battle, I'm the first one at the door, at the door
    Here we go

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