? Drakensang Online ? Big Game Hunt – Easiest Event :D [GER] {SUBTITLES}
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? Drakensang Online ? Big Game Hunt – Easiest Event :D [GER] {SUBTITLES}

November 7, 2019

hey people and welcome to the a new episode from the world of Drakensang Online. I have the current big game hunting event not yet finished or have also yet not too much of it since I’ve been every day just made the Daily and a few times around the beetle. Buff here to 100 now. that’s condition number one: Bring the buff up to 100 so you can get the Getting the event done as quickly as possible you can. Prerequisite number 2: Farmt at least more than 300 keys of the Heroism. I have these keys. here always in the biggest desert in the world. infernal three farmed by the beetle of the appears after three minutes and 45 Seconds or so. and when it’s tense then he’s dropping almost always five keys and in addition, I think he can do two more But we can drop the keys right now. and if you want to see the beetle. kills then Buff already goes at 1 after up which means you have to take the beetle 100 to kill the buff to 100. I’ll get it. Per Buff there is ten percent more which means now in the end there are 1000 more stack size for found hunting badges. If you’re going to have enough The key of heroism possesses you can of course also with other bosses like Asar Khalys so any normal boss at the you can travel here now. Now, if you’re going here at the laboratory of the Lies, then you come to Khalys and you can do that too. get up the buff goes of course faster because you can’t get that Time factor has that you each time three you’ll have to wait a few minutes. That’s right. Experience has shown that if you want the round runs what I haven’t done now. I then have partial Netflix or Sky Watched as any movies, by the way. or I talked to people or what do I know I watched TV and then I went up there and I was here with the exit of the temple of pain and then I put it down and I was like. always had a program for livestream Remember that whenever I wanted to say: press the button. Advertising in livestream. Every 15 minutes I used to do that most of the time here. and then just set it to four minutes. It’s really possible that I’m sitting there Look at the monitor over there. and totally forget the time so and so became then every four minutes I remember: yes, don’t forget the commercials. or something and knew then aha now is the I spawned bugs. Exactly because walking around here is indeed more efficient one farms in the time also good Andermant Sphere Shards Gemstones but it’s also annoying that you have to filled when you’ve walked around six seven times then you have to be sell your inventory that you can the Zone do the same. can also be done in the four minutes but I just didn’t get so bitchy about it. You want to do it, especially since I’m in I’m gonna be farming a lot in the future. Because we’ve got the the PvE season and it’s still 8 days away. and there it’s definitely all about So, in principle, nine worlds in-between To bring intermediate worlds to gold in order to to have the progress already once and the remaining intermediate worlds group or solo which is not yet on gold are at least on bronze to get in the best case scenario to get the maximum of to receive rewards. Right! Now the beetle should be about to spawn every second exactly and then you just kill him. Just is such a thing as he is he’s getting sometimes very much depends on it what enchantments. You have up here the enchantments and this one shouldn’t have to do too much but sometimes there is a Beetle that can grow three or four times resuscitate himself if he lives his life has completely lost what then really can get pretty ugly. exactly, and if we look now. Technically, he didn’t drop anything because I’ve already collected it oh but here 4400 He’ll drop a hunting badge if you want. the buff to 100 and whenever you have this progress the Buff is collecting to 15 again. Otherwise the key of heroism you’re gonna have to add them afterwards anyway. as already mentioned 5 and optionally still times two extra it could also be that there are more is but I have there just really never looked at what he was dropping. and then I’ll go Khalys. We’re going once on painfully purely and look see how much progress there was. because the progress of the painfully droppt is in the share her is already relatively high, which means that if you then later goes infernal three. then it doesn’t drop six times as much but just a A fraction more. That means if you don’t remember you are interested in the respective boss Items Andermant at the level of to get infernal 3 then I’d be recommend you not to use infernal 3 because infernal 3 is indeed the Variant that goes fastest is but most inefficient for the Keys. That is, if you’re painful saves you the most Keys, so you guys open it up. more efficient no nonsense yes but you do save Keys because you guys I don’t know how you often have to go in, you can then calculate. and here infernal 3 it goes faster Right now, that’s a testimony that of my guild has been transacted quite often. I’m gonna assume it’s true. But we’ll check it out right away. and you can do that relatively easy. calculate if the buff is now here on 100. You’re already getting as you move the buff to 100. that’s what makes it happen. I’m going to take this again. I could’ve figured right now. a movement tempo buff in and a damage buff and then I’d say we do once painful because I’m just at the consider whether the drop should have a wide span so whether he’s now between 5,000 and 13,000 or whether that’s always the same much is therefore a second run would be yet not quite bad. The spawnt in the middle makes already times the card on which then goes into any of the cardinal points and there you guys are pretty good at see where she’s going because fail up there and how much progress they’re making. I can’t tell you what happened now. because I was too close. A good This thing here at the same time is You’re not gonna get any seeds. We’ll have to check the door. there too growth cores be able to drop because I need to increase cores on Anyway, that’s a great idea. But now could also see below that the buff is again at 15 minutes. What I’m just thinking about it on the side: I could still use the same farm tactics. I’ll do it when I’m on infernal 3 again and again. I can go in and out, then I can go out. the ores there and the ores there and the I’m going to need these here to get the vanadinite from it I need some if I then buy the recipe to then my to valorize things. Dropping here now 8250 progress at 8250 progress we can take a quick look at how much we have. we’re doing right now? We have 270,000, so that was 1.8, I think. Millions minus 270.000 are 1.5 million the remaining 8000 are about Dropped. We’re at 191 laps. Then go we’re gonna go in the next run now and take a look at the whole thing again. painful because I’m the first time so quickly the I collected the Loot. It’s just also difficult with painful because where it’s also easy when you’re simply twice and the ground breaker and then last makes then dies then dies the also through the bottom breaker. The recipe for the royal stones that I will then to the magic variant so the magical royal stones upgrade I just can’t think about it yet. Dropped. So far, I’ve only had one time the green one that I’ve been dropping I’ve already bought and my plan is yes as I said before, all these Things to collect all the raw materials and then to see if maybe I could get it in the time I was farming all this stuff. I can get you one more time. So we’ve got 6600 here. relatively medium span there could be you say now okay you take 7000 as medium no you take 7000 as an average. i have just opened a wrong program. I didn’t want to thank you. You take 7000. simply as mean value and then you’d have seen it like this. the rest of the progress 1.8 million minus 277,543 through the oh da I made a typing error or there was something in the memory before. by 200 no not by minus. So we have now 1.8 million minus 277,543 million by that what we got in the averaged out of these two runs. the mean are 7000 we need about 217 runs, so 217 keys. Now we’re gonna look at this whole thing. infernal 3 on how much then there Drops the buff to 100. Why do infernal 3? On the one hand I can now here the vanadinite farms a big advantage and on the other hand. I’d love to, since I’m wearing the Khalys coat anyway. First, take a Khalys coat. on rank 7 prefer secondly a Khalys coat on rank 7 prefer included firstly has even better stats. Vanadinite is either in the spot on the left there or here or down here. There’s another place, so there’s there are other places in the map here for example would be that then the third and further back so but here you’re in there anyway. you can check out relatively fast okay there is any vanadinite to find it. If you do, you just take that. if no, you go back inside and do that. doesn’t take that long now either, so it’s it’s that doesn’t stop you great. It’ll take half a minute since the and here we are now watching again I can especially here also go for the offensive a little more. Of course she’s not dying. Now there are 17,600 so dropped 17,600 and there we go. now once again a second run how much which are then approximately at the location in the second run. 17,600 to briefly put an intermediate support there yes right now we have it again Down here, there’s a delay. then also a little bit because you’re gonna have to jump back up, but it’s doesn’t really matter because here you are. closer to where you’re going again a gate goes in at the entrance halt but would just have to jump up again and back here yes there you just have to ride behind and we should almost always have the monsters kill because they just or throw it off your horse. Yes I believe it 625 from the story I need for upgrading from the item so from the gems and there 125 pro gem and that’s how you get to the 625. 17,600 yeah, that would’ve been even better now. I knew that. 26,400 well that’s already 26,400 makes one mean of 22,000 think with two Runs you can do that relatively well it can of course also be that the story there now that can drop more. So now we’re at 1.8 million. minus 321,543 Progress by 22,000 the means here you need 67 rounds the but it also costs you six keys which means you need 403 keys are effectively finished faster because only 67 times this time factor have in raus in contrast to the approximately 270 or what was it what we had before 191 was it at 8000 up here, it’s 217 runs, so. you have now here at method 1 with painful 217 keys that you can use to have to spend and here at method 2 with infernal 3 it is 403 Key mind you I’ve already 300,000 so it’s a rough part of the Event completed. Wouldn’t that have to be even 1/6 would have to be that actually 16.6 percent theoretically exactly 16.6 should fit like this. Uhh, there’s another monster. Yes, this time I didn’t Excel spreadsheet made just like that from the cold shoulder. Yeah, one more yeah, tell me what’s up. I’m try here 1.8 million enter 16.6 were grossly overestimated, and now with the adjusted value of the Calculation 17.86 percent which I now have from the Event I’ve finished. So a certain part you’ll have to serve. I could be a say okay, i’m counting on the 403 now. I’ve got a key on top of that 17 percent. it would be even more accurate if I could I would take a complete step forward. But it doesn’t matter because you’re gonna have to Get Buff to 100 for now otherwise. is any farming in the event. totally inefficient and you can’t even yes imagine these are now here on average 22,000 progress Dropped when increasing by 1000 and when you just walk away with three zeros. you’ll only be at 220. and then you’d be in need of Let’s say the 1.8 million. to make it would just need her 8.181 Runs on infernal 3 times six keys You’d be at 49,000 keys, so there. logically notes your factor 1000 with such a buff is absolutely safe to survive. One more small note and these vials here are worth the effort only at the small hunt so at the normal hunting and not big game hunting. When it comes to big game hunting, the absolutely pointless and just an Andermant- Waste. Don’t buy them for anybody. fall! Yes and that’s how we’re connected to the Video first by you can yes times in the Comments write clearly through and the like will provide made them go away now, not so you want to have a professional appearance that would rather have just such a calculation you’d rather have that visually that I then just fade it in for you. you’re welcome to put that in the Write or submit comments that so audio-wise where I would also have the calculation I could have prepared for that. have to do runs before that too. are now really the first runs the here with a buff of 100 on infernal 3 and I’m not gonna be painful. That’s what I’m going in here for now. at least I’ll be safe for now. and I say goodbye quite cordially from you until the next time bang into it. Your Xardas

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  1. Hey man, I'm new to the game and wanted to ask you if there's any way to farm adermant without spending actual cash
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