??Norway’s female tank commander
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??Norway’s female tank commander

November 30, 2019

There is a saying up North. ‘If you can handle arctic conditions, you
can handle warfare and challenges everywhere.’ A tank, it’s like a rhino because it has
armour and it’s like a leopard because it’s fast and it strikes hard. I feel privileged. It feels grand to be commanding a platoon
of the main battle system to the army. I am in charge of four tanks. That is a huge amount of firepower. The things I love about my job is the people,
challenging tasks and my development as an officer, leader, soldier and a human being. I didn’t know so much about the army when
I started. I thought it was great so I went up, to the
tank. For me it’s really important to train. So I treat myself the same way I treat the
tanks, as a machine. We need to be prepared to solve missions in
the whole scale. We are deploying eight tanks, and I am looking
forward to meeting our Allies. Working together, showing that we take our
membership in NATO in a serious manner. That is important.

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  1. European countries defending each others its a beautiful thing. Russian invasions their fake referendums and having civilians as shields like they are doing in Ukraine, is a threat to all eastern European people.

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