??BELGIUM vs JAPAN 3-2!?? GREAT COMEBACK! (Vertonghen, Fellaini, Chadli score!)
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??BELGIUM vs JAPAN 3-2!?? GREAT COMEBACK! (Vertonghen, Fellaini, Chadli score!)

October 10, 2019

20:18 Belgium vs. Japan – cause number one it turns out young Vertonghen is allergic to leather oh and that leather error allow Japan to make it one male fYI I would have said that your lucky prick you too busy for your legs in the air just gonna set that clip the Real Madrid new Japan maybe – I would have saved us go number three it turns out younger Tongan isn’t allergic to leather after all before either the Japanese defenders wanted to give the lady a haircut or they thought it is the biggest bonsai tree they’d ever seen and number five Belgium brought Japanese hearts with last-minute goal check out the free one football at now for five conclusions as Belgium sent Japan home what would your 5 conclusions be comment below and who’s gonna win between Brazil and Belgium I’ve gone Brazil which means it’ll probably be Belgium Eddie earth

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  1. Akira Nishino have a wrong tactics! After 2 goals, JP should be defence to clean sheet, but they still attack, so they lost 3 to 2, he is the worst manager i ever seen! I feel so bad for Japan, they play very nice! And this is the last time for Japan to go to the next round in World Cup 🙂 because Makoto Hasebe, Honda and Gotoku Sakai has retired for Japan NT 🙂

  2. World Cup 2018????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. انا سعيد جدا بأداء اليابان و المشرف ???? ، اليابان عرقلت بلجيكا القوية ، و لكن العرب هم من كان في الموعد للقضاء على اليابان في الثواني الأخيرة، لذلك اليابان كانت أفضل من بلجيكا متعددة الجنسيات ، انا من رغم خسارة فريقي اليابان لكن افتخر بهم و كنت اتمنى عبور اليابان و خاصة لأنها كانت الأقرب.

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