[한/ENG/日] 극진가라데 일격의 KO영상 [kyokushin karate] 極真中村道場 国際親善空手道大会 軽重量 決勝 小森柊人(極真関西)VS右田和暉(極真中村)

December 15, 2019

December 8, 2019 kyokushin Kaikan Nakamura Dojo General Advanced Lightweight Class Finals Mikita Kazuyoshi (kyokushinnakamura) VS Komori syuto (kyokushin kansai) First round game: Komori’s final game in which he won a foreign player by ippon. good-looking Komori take effect from the bottom get a valeri kick a stunning blow to the hall to lower one’s consciousness the act of taking out a punch and instantly jumping back and kicking hard-to-see single win in the final undisputed game management His flowers are coming out. Please look forward to the next tournament.

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