소근커플 Date#77 생애 첫 양궁!! 겨드랑이 주의!! Archery Cafe (+ 소영이의 BGM방송ㅋㅋㅋ) [Eng cc]
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소근커플 Date#77 생애 첫 양궁!! 겨드랑이 주의!! Archery Cafe (+ 소영이의 BGM방송ㅋㅋㅋ) [Eng cc]

August 19, 2019

S.K couple date “Archery cafe” S.K Couple Archery battle for granting wishes! Temperature is 36 ℃ What’s up Hello~~~~ My make up is perfect today right? Yeah you put make up very well with your eyes slant upwards slightly I got a cold in summer which dogs don’t even get Today’ weather is…Look at this it’s 38℃ Doctor told me not to turn on the air conditioner But how couldn’t I turn it on in this weather Do you wanna open the car window? No thanks~ To make you warm? Weather is gone crazy Weather’s gone crazy? You are crazy as well? Keun Myung’s gone crazy too We are all crazy!!! gone crazy due to heat lol We are now going to Hong Dae (Hongik University) Traffic is really bad Weather is scorching Drop the music! Trololololololatta~(?!?!) Friday rush hour with traffic jam Wow it took so long It took 3 hours to come here Hong Dae!! Thank you~ For 3 hours, you can go to Beijing and Tokyo by plane Really? (Souless) Cheers! This is the place where we come every week Did you guys notice a blue background on the video? We have our own practice room and office with blue background We work on our music here ?! This is the place which we work related to music Nobody’s here Nobody’s here? Hello~~~~~~ What happened to your hair?looooool Oh my God are you taking video of me? I just drank 3 bottles of Soju He just drank 3 bottle of Soju Did you just drink? Look, your face looks so white looooooooooooooooool I’m rapping now~ yeah~ I will introduce our studio Since when is this place became a studio? Nobody’s here lol You saw this many times right? Yeah right most of my Instagram photos have this background This is my guitar~ That is mine too~ This keyboard was already here before So Young’s mine too Nope!!! She’s putting so much effort on doing something(?) But you know nothing’s never easy in this world Just put lots of effort! It has been an year since she has been doing something hard She is putting lots of effort to show her best self to you guys so please keep watching us You’ve set the nice monitor screen You got nothing on here I was going to turn on This is Hong Dae (Hongik University) We came here to experience archery!!! Are we even doing archery this time? lol Let’s move on~ I already booked it Guess I will be doing well loool Guess we will be going every type of cafe I’m just wondering how would it be like? Archery Cafe!!! looooooooooooool You can’t beat me up!!! Bang! So Young’s dedicated reaction lol Iron man!!! I will be very serious looool Do you know how to do it? something awkward lol swing~ swing~ Wow you hit the target You just saw it? Her seriousness went further to arrogance lol Weird pose lol Where was it hit? looooooooooooool It’s not important which part you hit the target You crushed on me right? Cut this scene loool looooooooooool Cut this part too Wiping sweat~loooool Pose properly~loool Which target you hit? I don’t know You go for it Although you can’t catch me up Keun Myung’s challenge Shooting laser!!! Armpit loool Gee what are you doing? I can see your armpit loool saw it?? Did I see what? you hit the different target These arrows are shot by So Young lol These are all shot by So Young Practice game!! Let’s go see the scores You see this? You scored 10!!!!!! I must to go to Pyeong Chang Pyeong Chang….It is the winter Olympic that will be held in Pyeong Chang…? I watched archery games so many times Like this Now shall we play the main game? You can’t be my opponent granting one’s wish!!! Wish?? alright Then do you wanna shoot first? loooooooool Shoot it without an hesitation!!! Flaring match!! When I look at your face, you are Olympic player!! I was actually taking it easy because you looks so pity But I don’t think it’s necessary now I was holding it upside down I went easy because of poor Keun Myung but it wasn’t funny at all? loool I got it now~ Alright Alright~~ Then I’m not going easy as well!! really!! Okay don’t go easy for me ! don’t go easy lol loooooooooooool Ueeeeeeeeee~ What was that? Ueeeeee? lol Did I hear something wrong? Yeah it came from the song Hurry up quickly! it’s speed game now So how much scores we got respectively? I won over you So Young hit outside of the target My arrows are all in this target I intended to shoot very differently Calculate the score! you never know until the result comes out! You don’t have to calculate! you won So you should grant my wish Keeping silence lol You should grant my wish! Have you ever been stroke by this arrow?? Take a shot of me Jesus I enjoyed nothing So Youngchery lol Nothing funny at all!! ArhcKeun Myung Today is hot Friday night hot hot Time just passed 12 It is time of body cells to activate! It’s time for body cells to get started to move Wake up! You should grant my wish! What wish? Cross your arm here OMG look at the temperature outside! Was it your wish? Nope that wasn’t a wish No No No! It’s really hot! Cancel loool Didn’t you take shower? lol My skin is very moisturized! Your skin is very very sticky!! You as well lol I’m not joking loool Sticky Sticky~ No you are Very Very sticky!! And looks so grubby! lool So Young is!! Sticky Sticky! You are grubby and stick! I told you can’t beat me up Shall we have Gop Chang(Korean baked sausage) ? Shall we? Just little bit? I totally agree with it! Beef Gob Chang! would it be okay? Let’s just get in! lool Hi~~ All of sudden having Gob Chang lool Today here We will be doing So Young’s BGM broadcasting! Please say hello~ Hi~ this is So Young! Today I got a cold so my voice gone weird Then I will go for the song booty dance first This is the song I made at first! All of our subscribers must know this song Count 1,2,3,4 The next song is called ‘prankster’ This is also opening BGM If you listen to this song prankster, you will think about prankster Prankster is crawling sneak To prank sneak~ My artistic value is …. Please get out it’s my turn for guitar~ Hi guys this is Keun Myung It is already boring Okay again, again~ Hi everyone~ Keun Myung’s guitar class~ OMG it is so boring~ Today I will teach you how to play the guitar~ First of all, there are 6 strings~ And then you grab this part, this is C chord play like this~ I normally play guitar with my nail so my nails is long Let me tell you how to play three little pigs Pick up A chord Chubby Chubby little pig~ You can play like this~ My mom is calling me I recently started to compose a song I will show you a bit! up to here! I was just about to sing it!! No No not yet~ after I finish composing this song~ Then today!! S.K S.K music class!! We will call it a day today! Rhythmical clap! Have a good night~ Sudden ASMR loool Ding Dong~ We just received a personal story from Lee So Young living in Sungnam City, Korea I fell in love with my boyfriend recently I have no idea how to deliver my message inside of my heart This was the story from Lee So Young Hm…. Let me tell you something Don’t be too shy Why don’t you say I love you honestly? Cheer up So Young! Therefore I prepared one good song for you As a gift Flowers don’t get withered Cheer up So Young Keun Myung! wake up! S.K Couple

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  1. 다음에는 홍대에 있는 디비스토리 카페에 가주세요 제가 꼭 가라는건 이니지만 소근커플 유튜버가 가는거 보고싶어요 거기에 가면 나만의 핸드폰 케이스 만들수 있어요 음류수도 마실수 있어요 된다면 꼭 가주세요

  2. 언니 티셔츠 정보 아시는분 있으면 알려주세요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ너무이뻐요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  3. BGM 소영언니가 치니까 완존기여웝💕
    옆에서 같이 치는 근명오빠도 멋있업💕‼️
    직접만든거여서 더좋앙💕

  4. 소영이 언니 나랑 같은 헤어밴드다!!! ㅎㅎ언니 저그거
    파랑 빨강 노랑 분홍 있어요
    제가 집에 헤어밴드 천지라서

  5. 언니 ㅠㅠㅠ 진짜 ' 엉덩이춤 ' , ' 장난꾸러기 ' 피아노 악보 내셨으면 좋겠어요 힝헹ㅠㅠㅠ 완전 노래 짱좋아요

  6. 덥다고 에어컨틀면 오존층 파괴돼서 더덥고 그러면 에어컨 또틀고 환경오염 지대로다

  7. 소영이 언니 집이라 근명이 오빠 집 어디에요 ? 언니 오빠 대화부탁해요
    아는 사람들 답변 부탁해요

  8. 소영언ㄴ니가 컴퓨터로 딩ㄷㅇ딩딩 하신걸 근맹아저씨 (?)가 치신거라면 .. 근맹오빠는 절대음감이신가 ? 두 분다 절대음감이신건가 ?!

  9. 어?! 저도 경기도 성남시에 살아요!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    이런 우연이!!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  10. 소근커플 근명이오빠는 잘생겼어욥 소영이언니는 귀여워요. 엉덩이춤. 장난꾸러기 노래 계이름 알려주세욥

  11. 유투브 댓글 처음 다는데 소근커플 영상 지금 다시 정주행 하고있어요! 근데 근명님 볼때마다 방탄소년단 랩몬스터 닮았어요 ..!

  12. 몇파운드 쓰셨어요? 제가 보기엔16,18인것같아요 저는 지금 양궁부가 있는 학교를 다니고 있어요 저는 24파운드에서22파운드로 내려같어요 내일(2019.2.11.월요일)에 활쏘는 테스트해요 저는 양궁을 다닌지 1달이 지났지만2개월은 않지났어요

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