[성수커플] 데이트 Ep.31 경주월드 놀이공원에 놀러가다! 눈치게임 성공? (ENG SUB) Go to the amusement park

August 19, 2019

Hi! SooEun, where are we going? Answer quickly! We’re otw to Gyeonju World! Wahoho! Gyeonju World has a lot of different rides and since it’s Winter, what should we do, guys? Go ski! BUT we’re not going to ski We’ll go sledging Just b’coz you’re not good at skiing? remember that I told you it’s tough to drive when we went to Daegu last time? We are driving 330km today We even passed by Daegu Since it’s winter so we’re going to an amusement park especially since Gyeonju World has less crowds and is well known for its cheap price It’s gonna be awesome if there’s not much crowds We will go on the rides immediately upon arrival then go for the sledging! Let’s go to Gyeonju World, the land of dreams and hope go go! The name ‘Gyeonju World’ sounds so cute go go! why is it so bright? Anyway. Ms SooEun, which one should we get on first? Well, we have to look around first.. Look at…urgh the sunlight I think we have to eat first Are you going to eat first? Yeah at where? There’s a food court Ok let’s go Hurray! I’m in the amusement park I really want to get on the Ferris Wheel Shall we go eat? Let’s go Ms SooEun, what do you want to ride? I don’t really know the name of the rides That round thing.. and the Viking~ huh? Let’s get on a Ferris Wheel! A Ferris Wheel! Seriously we must get on the Ferris Wheel but the Ferris Wheel is.. I’ve never been on it before There ‘re no point to get on it unless at the nightime Ahh please What’s the point? It will be shaking like this It’d be fun!. It’s like.. All sort of delicacies (his own humor) It’s good to look at the beautiful views a Ferris wheel! a Ferris wheel! We will eat first So we’re back from the meal (whispering) the bibimbap was terrible shhh! haha Firstly, we should start from.. a MUST ride in Gyeonju World! Ah that round thingy? Yes Let’s go there first Where is it? I really want to ride it now Sunghyun is so excited! It’s so good to have not much people here Let’s go there where all the rides are (in a hurry) Where are you going? Wanna take a photo? One Two Three Promise me you will go on the Ferris Wheel with me okay (a kid passing by) So cute~ haha It’s a place to come along with the kids (you’re the kid) No I heard that there’re so many scary rides! Soonie! I guess we have to go all the way there? I think so Ah, I should have brought a gloves Yeah, it’s freaking cold! Should we get on the Ferris Wheel first? Yeah since it’s too hectic. Let’s ride it first Wow! It’s really big. It’s going to be my first time to get on a ferris wheel I tried a cable car before though When we were in Namsan Oh it’s snowing! Wow it’s snowing~ hurry up! Hi, we are on the ferris wheel There’re cable cars as well Where is it? I guess that’s the sledging course I think so. I heard that we have to go up by cable car There’s a really steep sledging course over there It has three courses include the kid course which is for you intermediate and advanced course Did you even measure your own height? You just barely meet the minimum height huh? Patience Wait, it’s really high, isn’t? It’s going up so fast!! Yeah. can see it? Yeah. This is the sledging course! It’s huge! It starts from here all the way to the top We just get down! We’re going to get on the viking now! But, babe… I’m kinda scared.. Wow! soulless.. It’s not that scary that you thought (to confirm) Are you sure it is not scary? Does it start? start now? babe, does it start? Does it start? Yeah, I guess so! I got this..I got this..I got… aughhh! Babe, would it go up to 90°? It’s so scary!! x100 I thought you said this is not scary?! Are you angry? (whining) My hands are getting numb It really hurts Should we go buy a gloves? gloves? Do they sell gloves here? Let’s take a look and see if they sell it should we? Let’s go buy gloves! Alright, you hand must be freezing right? Yeah. It’s freezing Okay, let’s go get some gloves! SooEun: Are you okay? SungHyun: It’s too cold huh? Your hands are cold? Yes. that’s cute How does it feel? Why did you choose a dark color? to hit you I bought this! Mine is 2000 won cheaper that yours It’s really warm! Is it? I envy you. Show me your hand! You also bought a dark one! Well, dark color looks good on me SooEun: So we’re really… SongHyun: Let’s ride that! Let’s take a ride! Let’s have fun since we’ve got our gloves on! There’re too many people.. I guess this must be popular People said that it is a ‘must-ride’ Who said that? Did you see in on Facebook? yeah! Good job! Gosh, there’re too many people! No they’re just sitting there~ It looks scary though Hurry up! Okay! Clark is a MUST ride in Gyeonju World! Babe, I’m really scared! Let’s get started! that was fxxxking scary Both are totally wrecked Urgh the rides are too scary My hair is out of control But we got on a lot of rides anyway! Now we are going for sledging! Yes, but we’ve to put this it somewhere before we go for a sledge! we will keep this camera in the locker and take the video with a GoPro instead! Camera, it’s time to get in there We are here to warm our body up before sledging Let’s go to the intermediate course before we go up to an advanced course (deaf SooEun) Let’s go to an intermediate course first! I’m scared! (nodding) Babe, did you fart? Let’s be honest I knew it Let’s be honest here. I’ll keep as a secret if you admit it SooEun: I didn’t SooHyun: I won’t tell anyone Did you fart or not? Hurry up! I didn’t Are you sure? Actually I was the one who farted was annoyed by his dumb-squirrel look We will go for the intermediate course first! what ski..haha I’m so excited sledging!!! We can’t go for the beginner course so we will take the intermediate course now and advanced course for later We are going up I’m getting sick now since there’s no lift for the intermediate course so we have to walk ourselves up, and we will try this first If it’s not too extreme, we will go for the advanced’s Sledging together with Soonie! This is how we go down? *Be aware of the noise. Please lower down the volume* It’s freezing cold because the snow is popping all over argh the snow.. Gosh the snow is everywhere My shoes is full of snow This is so much fun Let’s try the advanced course Let’s go This is so much fun We are taking a lift to go up there This is so scary seriously it is… What? It’s not that high up here What are you talking about? It’s freaking high. just look it down there waiting for our turns starts 2456 times more splashing snow It’s the highest course so it really takes time to go down so cold~ I’m freezing. Don’t wear jeans when you come here Let’s warm up our body a bit! We just took our camera out from the locker look at us.. Looks so different from the beginning had too much fun that our faces look funny it seems like a decade We are trying to organize ourselves a bit in the car and try to dry up this pants that is soaking wet Then see you there in the car (jump together) Why don’t you do it? I don’t want to Let’ s jump! Just for once! No, my stomach hurts Try once! once ok Guys, make sure you don’t wear jeans for sledging Try to wear those pants and socks for skiing Our foot are freezing right now seriously we should have brought extra socks and a waterproof pants as well they sell socks for a reason If it wasn’t the long jackets, out butt might got wet (just by thinking of it’s a disaster) I feel like I’ve a sore throat Did I scream too much? Coward~ It was really scary. You’re good with all the rides Anyway, it took us a 4-hours ride to Gyeonju World and we got on lots of rides and the sledge as well. Was it fun? Yeah. It was really fun Gyeonju World is definitely worth for its price You can ride it over and over Anyway, we had fun today in Gyeonju World from having a lots of rides and sledging Guys, if you enjoy watching our video please subscribe and give up a thumb up each Please~ See you guys next week! Bye!

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