설특집 활 Korean bow documentary (w/ subtitles)
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설특집 활 Korean bow documentary (w/ subtitles)

August 11, 2019

In order to help fight off predators, man invented a great weapon For a long time, nothing was faster than the bow The moment mankind got their hands on the bow, they became the masters It didn’t take long for bows to become weapons of war Bows got stronger over time Especially the Koreans defeated many enemies with archery But why were the Koreans so good at archery, that they were known as the nation of archers? And what did they need to become such good archers? We will find out The Bow (New Year Special Documentary) Chang Hyejin, Rio Olympic double gold medalist Though she’s shorter than her bow, she compensates for her size with intense focus because archery is a sport where every millimeter matters The arrow went like this, ah.. the wind got it The intense winds affect even the fast arrows Shooting in these unpredictable winds is difficult even for Olympic archers When the wind is strong, arrows don’t go where you aim your sights, so archers have to rely on their experience So shooting in the wind is all about gut feeling But Chang Hyejin’s instincts seem off lately I couldn’t read the wind very quickly so I was all over the place Are you disappointed?
-A little bit Having finished all her events, they’ve come somewhere special Hello The first things you notice is that the bows are smaller than Olympic bows, and that the targets are much farther away Wow, intriguing Far isn’t it? Compared to Olympic archery
Yeah.. twice as far right? Yeah, 145 meters In Korean Traditional Archery they shoot at the longest distance in the world In the past they used to shoot 500 ‘bo’ with horn bows about 250~300 meters How do you shoot so far with such a small bow? Not only is the bow short, we also pull them farther back for more power The flexible limbs on the Korean bow allow a longer pull than modern recurves Pull all the way back, to behind your ear Don’t you get hit on the cheek when you let go? Pull.. It’s OK, you can pull more To your cheek How will her first shot with a Korean bow go? It went that way, into the woods It went into my cabbage patch Even for an archer like Chang Hyejin, traditional Korean archery isn’t easy Because the Korean bow has no sights to aim with, you have to rely on muscle memory When you make a mistake with a traditional bow, it affects your shot a lot more than with a modern bow So you have to be a lot more aware of your body in traditional archery Muscle memory is very important in any kind of archery But why did Koreans become so good at this? Korean military strategies have focused on defending mountain fortresses and the best way to do this was to shoot bows from a great distance away To combat hordes with a small population, you have to hit them from afar before they get too close So we developed a bow that excels at shooting far Weaker forces needed powerful bow to overcome superior enemy forces An example of this were the Mongols In this endless Mongol sea of grass, this old man has herded sheep the same way his forefathers have for generations With his cute grandchildren What these kids are stacking, are traditional Mongol archery targets Shooting from 45m away, Mongol competitions are quite unique You can score by hitting this low target directly, or also by bouncing arrows into it The kids yell something when a target is knocked over: Uhai (yay?) But for some reason this girl is pouting Do you want to shoot like your sister? He has been teaching archery to all his grandchildren Try pulling the bow Your arm has to be still, but it moved as you shot You’re compensating for the wind incorrectly Their aiming technique has been passed down for generations In the past we used to use the knuckles for aiming Listen to the wind as you hold your bow Archery seems to be in their blood Archery was an essential part of any nomad’s life Used to protect their family from any outside threats The bow fed and protected us It’s her job to teach her baby brother Try closing your eye, got it? Closing one eye seems difficult for a three year old He’s happiest when he sees his grandchildren’s archery improving who will pass on this tradition to their kids But surprisingly they’re using a Korean bow You can string a Korean bow all day with no problems but you have to unstring a Mongol bow or it will lose power Korean bow left, Mongol bow right The Korean bow has more power How good is the Korean bow that they’re using it even in this far away land? We’ve come to the Mokpo fish market this early morning What he’s looking for today isn’t some common seafood This croaker was caught today, 5kg You want one? Croaker is difficult to catch so is quite expensive Croaker stew is quite popular But the meat isn’t what we came for This is the swim bladder I’m going to make a bow
-A bow? With the swim bladder? Yes I’m going to use it as glue Now that you mention it, it looks quite sticky This man has been making bows for 23 years now The bow he’s making is a Korean horn bow The core is made of strong and flexible bamboo And the siyahs (tips) that the string goes on is made of mulberry To increase the gluing surface area, v splices are made Sticking the different materials together is important The swim bladder is boiled into a thick glue Not only is this glue strong, it’s also flexible This gluing process combines the different materials into the core to take advantage of their different properties There’s another reason the Korean bow is special This is water buffalo horn, this is why the bow is called a horn bow When you heat horn on a fire, it becomes soft almost like rubber This gives a bow the power to shoot far Gluing this to the core makes it stronger Horn is one of the springiest natural materials available This is the Korean hornbow At first glance it doesn’t look very special But it becomes clear when you take the string off With the string off, the bow is curved into a circle No other bow forms a complete circle like this This Mongol bow maker has always had a special interest in Korean bows The characteristic of the Korean bow is that they glue a layer of horn and long strands of sinew Mongol bows also have a glued horn belly The Mongol bow also used horn and was very powerful They’ve come out early in the morning to pray because they have a dream I want to make my family proud at the Naadam games tomorrow I prayed that I would become ‘mergen’ (archery champion) I’ve trained hard to become mergen Ahead of the games, her grandfather is preparing a feast They only eat lamb on special occasions Full?
Full! Confident you’ll shoot well tomorrow?
No! Let’s do our best Though they enjoy archery today, it wasn’t something you could even talk about twenty years ago There was a time when Mongol culture was suppressed During communism, you couldn’t speak Genghis Khan’s name In the Soviet era you weren’t allowed to learn about Genghis Khan and the Mongol empire But their grandfather always kept the stories in his heart In the 13th century, Genghis Khan conquered many countries and invaded Europe The Europeans called the Mongols, Tartars (people from hell) After conquering Russia, the Mongols approached Europe “The enemy is near” Knights from many countries gathered together to defend Polish Liegnitz Compared to the knights in armour, armed with swords and crossbows, the Mongols looked very different The European knights looked down on the small, toy-like bows of the Mongols The Mongols started the battle with a frontal cavalry charge The European army used crossbows Though they were accurate, they were difficult to load so they could only shoot twice a minute Knights appeared to meet the Mongol charge The Mongols were surprised by the knights and ran away The knights pursued the retreating Mongols relentlessly The knights had almost caught the Mongols but then! A twist that nobody expected The Mongols turned around in their saddles and started shooting Because European bows were 2m long, they had never imagined you could shoot bows backwards on a horse They didn’t break off the pursuit but instead followed where the Mongols led them All of a sudden, they were surrounded by Mongols who were waiting in ambush The Mongol retreat was actually a trap they called the tactic of retreating and then attacking with bows ‘mandudai’ Thick armour and heavy swords were useless against the small and fast Mongol bows This was an age where bows ruled the battlefields Our small bows changed the world They connect with their ancestors through archery Mongols pridefully claim their bow is the best in the world But they recognize the strength of the Korean bow The Korean bow is the best in the world Because the Mongol bow is long, when you pull it it only bends 30~40% When you pull a Korean bow, it bends 70~80% So the smaller Korean bow shoots farther Though the components are similar, the bow is quite different There are historical records of many nations being surprised by Korean bows Mongol and Chinese bows also use water buffalo horn and sinew But five more materials go into Korean bows Fish bladders for glue, mulberry, bamboo, oak and then to protect the bow from moisture, birch bark is glued at the end The bow has developed to perfectly suit the Korean climate and environment It’s up to the likes of this man to continue and pass on the Korean bow making tradition What kind of bamboo do you need? About 45cm
That big? Yes, the nodes have to be that far apart Then you’ll have to go somewhere else, can you make a bow that big? He has traveled across the country looking for just the right bamboo Here he found one that’s just right Something I always wanted to do, was reproduce a historically accurate bow First step in making a reproduction is to go see an artifact He heard that this university museum has such a bow Not only is it long, but the width is very intimidating It looks large and powerful Such large Korean bows could only be seen in books According to the historical archery manual ‘archery of Chosun’ this bow is a jeongr-yang-gung (large bow) This bow is powerful due to the large and thick limbs Used in military action and exams, soldiers had to be familiar with it Because the bow was strong and the draw weight was high there are records of many soldiers getting injured shooting it This bow is significant because it’s a surviving example of the old military bows The bowyer’s hard at work on the reproduction Having taken an interest in traditional archery, Chang Hyejin has come to visit There’s a picture hanging in his workshop That bow is the jeong-ryang-gung The bow must have been hard to shoot, they look strained Somehow I can tell he’s shaking from the exertion These arrows, yug-ryang-shi (weighing 0.5 lbs or 226 g) would have been shot with this bow It’s a lot heavier than it looks. Just from the arrow I can tell the bow must have been powerful Why did you decide to make this bow out of all the many types of bows? Not only is the jung-ryang-gung a powerful warbow, it was also used for military state exams You had to be able to shoot this bow well and far to get promoted This bow has a lot of significance in Korean history So I wanted to see what this bow is like From all levels of society, there are many stories of people defending Korea with the bow Lee Ok was a slave Raiders, there are raiders coming! Where are you going?
I have to get out of here Upon hearing of the attack, the soldiers abandoned the civilians and ran away Japanese pirate attacks were common “Only villages 20km inland were peaceful. This is due to pirate attacks” They also took women as slaves and killed them if they resisted While the attack was going on, there was nobody to defend the civilians It looked hopeless But the slave Lee Ok returned The slave Lee Ok shot at the pirates then escaped into the woods The only weapon he had was a bow But he had a plan He used the length of the Japanese bow against them He started shooting at them from 200m away That way! Not knowing where the arrow came from, they were confused Having placed arrows in the ground at various places, he shot as he ran about The Japanese had bows too but they were over 2m long At that length it couldn’t have been easy to move about in the woods And because they weren’t curved like the Korean bow they only had a range of 80m The slave Lee Ok stood alone to save the civilians Soldiers were chosen through military exams started in the Chosun era The focus of these exams was archery If you were a good archer, you could become a military officer and you rose in society So archery spread in Korea A peasant could shoot a bow just as well as a noble could Only your skill mattered, not your background Many Olympic archers showed up to this contest last year But an unranked highschooler surprised everyone by beating world #4 ranked Kim Woojin #1 Kim Woojin didn’t have an easy time against him either It’s not funny, he’s way too good After winning the Olympics I entered two Korean national tournaments but both times got eliminated in the first round There’s barely any skill differences between those at the top Coaches from around the world to try to learn from the Koreans Korean archery’s great
Yes, very good The French team can’t compete
Shooting like this is impossible The long standing Korean coach believes in equal opportunities There’s pedigree in sports Whether it’s because you graduated from a famous sports school or joined a prestigious team But there’s none of that in archery The only thing that matters in qualifying for the Korean archery team is your performance You have to shoot those qualifying 4055 arrows to get in I think this system that only looks at your scores is the reason for our dominance in the sport I think that’s why we’ve won eight golds in a row July last year, the team came to a baseball stadium They stood there awkwardly for some moments They had practiced in wind, rain and snow but they said this was the most difficult But they soon got a hold of themselves There are many mental aspects You try to ignore everything but yourself and the target As if you’re alone on the target line I don’t want to feel the pressure so I just don’t think at all If you think “I have to hit this 10” you’ll get distracted With every arrow I just try to do my best They say archery is a mental sport Control over your emotions was important for our ancestors too It was the same for battle We come back to the slave Lee Ok’s story He wasn’t born a slave The accused is guilty of treason and will be executed as punishment His father was a high government official framed for treason by an opposing party and his family were taken as slaves He lost everything overnight The nation had done nothing for him So it can’t have been easy for him to fight for his country alone With enemies all around him, a single miss could mean his death The fear of death must have been terrifying Even for a great archer, controlling these emotions would have been challenging When you pull a bow, it reflects your emotions “A fearful and weak mind cannot hit the target” Without this mental fortitude, Koreans would not have been able to repel so many enemy attacks The Mongol Naadam festival starts with a horse race Traditional Mongol games are played to celebrate their independence Archers from all over Mongolia have trained and come to win the title of ‘merghen’ Every archer’s dream is to become ‘merghen’ at these games I’ve shot a bow all my life but I’ve never won even in my dreams Another challenger for the title of ‘merghen’ He watches his rivals But shooting with one eye closed is too difficult for him So his sister comes up with a temporary solution He quickly becomes something of a celebrity The eldest sister takes part in the first competition The competition is strong this year so there’s a lot of pressure on her Winning at the Nadaam games can open up many opportunites I want to shoot well and make my family happy It comes down to her last arrow Unfortunately, she misses She seems on the verge of tears but holds it in I don’t tell them I’m proud when they lose I’m a little disappointed The grandfather has a lot of pride in his Mongol heritage The bow is the weapon with which the Mongols conquered a large empire They have to inherit this archer’s mentality to succeed That’s why I hope my children carry on the archery tradition I’m going to continue shooting with my grandfather and siblings The bow that disappeared into history Eight months have passed since he started working on it It takes 3000 actions to make a bow The finished bow is larger and wider than normal Korean bows This is the bow our ancestors trained and overcame their limitations with On hearing of the bow’s completion, Chang Hyejin returned It’s bigger than I expected It’s her first time seeing a horn bow the size of an Olympic bow Did you hear that, in my bones? It’s the sound of my bones stretching, that’s how difficult this bow is How did our ancestors shoot this? It must have been hard using this bow at exams, they must have trained a lot What started as a weapon of war, was eventually practiced as a way to improve oneself Try pulling it That’s difficult Would I have failed the exam? You wouldn’t have been promoted I guess I’d be stuck as a peasant I think our ancestors’ effort and history helps our national team win gold medals I think so too, it’s in our blood The reason we were known as the nation of archers is because everyone had the opportunity to shoot bows and change their stars Maybe we can overcome modern problems through archery too

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  1. 아 뭔가 아쉽네요 ㅠ 활만드는것에 대해 좀더 설명이 있고 친절한 설명이 용어설명이 있었으면 좋았을텐데요 화살에 대한 설명이 없는것도 아쉽군요 ㅠ 동개궁과 연궁 강궁 장궁 단궁 등등 좀더 설명이 아쉼 아쉼 뭔가 정보가 더 있었으면 ㅠ

  2. How can gakgung be native to Korea when its main component, the water buffalo horn, is NOT native to Korea? Perhaps it was brought to Korea by a people who had access to water buffalo or yak in their native domain. I remember my first gungdo teacher in Korea telling me that until recently, they used Korean Bull horn, which only covered half the required length on both bow stems. And there are records of Joseon dynasty trading tiger skins and ginseng for water buffalo horns with the Chinese. It is likely that Khitans or Mongols brought water buffalo horn bows to Korea first during Goryeo dynasty. With the ebb and flow of water buffalo horn availability, local bowyers probably continued to reduce the bow's size to match the available relatively shorter horns of the Korean Brown Bull, arriving at its current size by the 1600s, when the invading Jurchens possessed a further evolved version from the 1200s Mongol version, which is similar to the Korean bow. By 1600s and beyond, Manchu horn bow was significantly larger than the Korean bow.

  3. 현실은 활 가지고 '깐죽거리다가 활이 먹히지 않는 일본 갑옷의 탁월한 방어력에 지려버리고 도살당했지. 활의 살상력에 대해서 검증한 결과, 목갑조차도 제대로 뚫지 못하는 것이 증명이 됨. 상대가 갑옷을 입은 상태에서는 사실상 아무짝에도 쓸모없는 쓰레기였다는 이야기. 그런 무기를 민족의 무기인냥 이런 다큐를 만드는 것부터가 에너지 낭비, 전파 낭비, 세금 낭비.

  4. .그런나라를위하여외국인하구싸워.웃기네그럴필요업는데.좌파주사파.촛불들이지금무슨짓을하나보아라.

  5. 저렇해 멋있는 활을 만들고 활용한민족.즉 동이족이라고….. 우리민족은 대단한 민족….

  6. 육군사관학교 군사사학과 명예교수의 말…'우리민족=약한 민족. 또 다른 약한 민족=몽골' 기기 차서 말이 안 나오네…..

  7. Quote:"You can string a Korean bow all day with no problems"

    This is totally incorrect. Wood has viscoelastic material property, when the bow is kept under strained condition over time, the plastic strain would develop and the stress in the bowstring would decrease due to the viscoelastic behavior called "stress relaxation", the draw weight of the bow would be reduced because of it ("lose power"). Therefore, it doesn't matter whether the bow is Korean or Mongol or Chinese or English or whatever, as long as the core is made of wood or bamboo, there would be a reduction of draw weight when left strung for too long. Now, if the bow is made of fiberglass, there is no such problem, but a fiberglass bow could not be called "Korean bow" since fiberglass is used by bow makers all over the world. The traditional Korean bow does have some superiority in terms of speed and range due its highly efficient recurve shape and the flexibility of its material, it's ideal for shooting light arrows, good for hunting, light skirmish or sportive trick shooting (for example the flight archery). But it does not have the energy storage quality of a Qing (Manchu) war bow or Mongol bow, the Qing war bow is ideal for shooting heavy arrows which makes it more effective in combat against heavily armored soldiers than the Korean bow. In fact, what happened in history also proved it, the Manchus decimated the heavily armored and firearms equipped Ming armies and Korean armies on the field with their deadly arrows, although in some battles the Ming armies managed to hold the manchurian onslaught or even successfully counterattacked with the correct tactics.

  8. 저 활들고 기마중에 손에 화살을 몇발미리 재놓고 초당 2발씩 쏘아댔으니 화승총이 쓸모없다는 생각을 할법도하다.

  9. 우리나라 각궁이 전통궁 중에서는 터키각궁과 더불어 최고이지만, 현대 양궁의 일종인 컴파운드보우에 비할바가 못됨. 사거리 1km까지도 나오고 초보도 조준이 잘됨.

  10. Don’t understand why some Chinese people would come to this documentary and leave disrespectful comments to Koreans and their cultures. This documentary does not state Korean Archery is the best, it’s merely narrating the proprietary characteristics of it and also showing how archery was a major influence in winning a war taking Monglia as an example. There is no mention of China nor its people in this documentary, UNLESS that is why you are unhappy.

  11. 다좋은대 국뽕을 너무 빤거 아니냐…………..그리고 몽골이 약한애들이라니 징기스칸도 아니고 그휘하 부대한태탈탈 털린 고려의 후손들이 할말은 아닌거같은대;;;;;그냥 유목민이라 평소부터 말타고 다니고 여우나 늑대같은거 잡아야하니 근접에선 무리니 활쓴게 약한거라니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ오히려 총기의 등장 이전까진 유목민은 정주민보다 쌔면썟지 절대 약하진 않았는대…..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  12. 전투용 활 일제시대에 사라졌다는데 …짐 있는건 연습용이라는데..사실일까요? 울나라 각궁이 유효사거리 젤길고 그담이 영국활이라고 합니다. 다큐보니 정량궁이라고 하네요. 전투용이.

  13. this video made by korean ultra-nationalist troll from koreansentry. never trust them, they just a bunch of butthurt trolls.

  14. 내가 각궁으로 100미터 도전해보다가
    하루 내내 당겼지만
    50미터 나가더라…
    정말 당기기 힘듬

  15. 5:38 식민사관 정말 장난아니네요. 한국은 그당시나 지금이나 탄성재의 제련과 운용에서 세계최고의 기술력을 가지고 있고, 몽골은 유럽을 정복한 민족입니다. 인류역사상 가장 거대한 제국을 만든 나라가 몽골입니다. 엄연히 팩트가 있는데 무슨 약한민족이 원거리무기를 강화합니까? 미국은 너무나 약소국이어서 원거리 병기 탑을 먹는 나라가 되었나보죠?

  16. 5:38 저런놈이 육사생도를 가르치니 국민들이 육사를 못믿는 겁니다. 맨날 사기치면서 믿으라고 하지말고 국민들이 신뢰할수있는 행동을 하시기 바랍니다. 국민들은 바보가 아닙니다.

  17. 30:53 고려말기 군사력이 원나라군을 물리치고 쌍성총관부를 탈환할정도의 군사력이었는데 왜구는 무서웠나? 뭔가 어폐가…

  18. This is documentary about "Archery", not "Korean vs Chinese and Japanese" or something. So don't jump Chinese and Japanese people. It's not talking about you. Japanese and Chinese always jump about anything that's Korean like they are trying to stop from getting busted for something. Stop acting like you done something wrong.

  19. 웬수같은 나라지킬라고 활들고 싸우던 노비도 있는데 현재는 기술이 발전했음에도 왜 나라가 요모양 요꼴일까요 ..

  20. 기본적으로 인구가 작으니 백병전으로 싸우면 불리힐수밖에 없으니 한반도나 몽골이나 장거리 활이 주무기가 되는게 맞는데 먼 그걸 잘못이해하고 식민시관이니 머니… 지금도 인구가 20배이상인데 중세시대에는 몇십배 차이가 나니 당연히 산성 수성전이 기본전략이니 맞는말이지… 그걸머 민족이 약하다고 이해하는 모지리들..

  21. 몽고족이 약한민족이래 ㅋㅋㅋ 칭키스칸이들엇으면 폭소하겟네 지나가는개가웃겟다 옛날엔 명나라보호받다가 근데엔 일본식민지되엿다 현재는 미국의보호받는주제에 니가할소리는 아닌거같다

  22. 이런 세계적으로 최고의 궁이자 기예인 대한민국의 활은 세계 문화 유산에 등재 되야 할듯 아직 2015년 부터 추진하던데 활쏘기 문화만 무형문화에 등재 하려는건지?
    활 제작술도 유형문화에 등재 되야 함은 물론이거니와 한국 부탄 뿐만 아니라 몽골까지 궁술을 이끌어온 3대국이 함꼐 활쏘기 문화를 무형문화에 등재 시키기 위해 힘을 합쳐야 할듯

  23. Are Korean and mongolian languages related ? I'm Korean and when they were speaking mongolian it sounded very similar to some Korean words

  24. 우리 할아버지도 베트남전 이야기 너무나 재밌게 해줬는데~~ ㅠㅠ 우리 할아버지…

  25. 전추태산 발여호미. 태산처럼 받쳐 쥐고 호랑이 꼬리처럼 말아 쏘아라. 박해일 뜨면 몽골이고 유럽이고 전부 죽은 목숨임. 수고요

  26. …조선에서 활쏘기가 장려된건 원래도 우리나라가 많이 쐈지만 유학이 통치이념이 되면서 공자의 육예에 사(활쏘기)가 들어가서 모든이에게 장려됬기 때문일텐데…

  27. 19:00 한국 각궁과 맥을 같이하는 몽골 궁기병은 마치 현대의 전투기 기관포와 같은 위력이었다고 합니다. 유럽의 중장기병대 투턴기사단도 맥없이 패배를 했었죠. korea bow best in the world

  28. ㅋㅋㅋ 예전 몽골에 적이 어딨었어….몽골제국자체가 전 세계적인 적이었잖아 ㅋㅋㅋ

  29. 모든 스포츠가 양궁처럼되야하는데 염병할 협회니 연맹이니 십자슥들때문에 병신스포츠됨 오직 자기실력으로만 올라서라 십자슥들아

  30. 몽골에 적들은 누구였지..?
    국궁이야말로 진짜 실려자들에 활쏘기이다..양궁은게임이 안됌.

  31. 오래된 영상이지만 다시한번 의견 올리자면~~~~ 만주족? 여진족? 고려국? 고구려국? 산둥지역? 북간도? 몽골지역?. . . 이 지역들은 베이징 기준 남북선을 긋고 동쪽에 있는 지역이자 세력들이다. 지금 우리가 생각하는 지역적 국가개념과는 다른 제일 큰세력이 큰집(큰형)으로서 하나로 움직이던 연합체 였다. 이것을 부정하거나 의구심이 든다면 그것이 바로 식민사관 교육의 결과라고 나는 주장하는 것이다. 만주족 내지 몽골족은 공격적이고 우리는 방어적이다? 그 들의 무기들을 봐라 특히 이자리의 주제인 활을 봐라. 근본 제작기법과 재료가 거의 동일하다. 그것을 미분학적으로 공격과 방어용이라고 구분하나? 식민사관을 벗아난 시각으로 역사를 다시 봅시다 라는 나의 의견이다. 전문가는 아니지만 이부분에 대해 1:1로 의견 나누고 싶은 관심있는 사람 있으면. . . 특히 저앞에 열받아 가며 의견 달으신 분들 이곳에서 공개적으로 의견 나누길 원한다.

  32. 한국활이 세계 최장거리 무기인게 산성방어 때문이란건 한마디로 개소리임,, 테레비 나오는 전문가말 다 믿으면 안됨
    방송 시나리오에서 민감한 발언은 다 걸러버리거나 주문한 시나리오대로 발언하는 경우가 많음
    한국활이 세계 최장거리 사거리와 가장 가벼운 이유는 원래 우리 조상이 고려시대 때까지도 기마민족적 성향이 강했고 북방에서 살았기 때문임,,,, 한반도로 쪼그라든것은 얼마 안됐음
    일제시대만 해도 우리 아버님은 만주까지 장사하러 가시곤 했다고함,,, 즉 일제시대가 지금보다 더 만주와 자유왕래가 쉬웠고
    만주가 우리 생활영역 이었던것,,, 예를들면 서양영화 Atila the hun 을 보면 배우가 죄다 서양인임
    근데 아틸라는 훈족이고 훈족은 짱개말로 흉노족이고 흉노족은 선비족의 전신이고 선비족은 실라의 조상이고
    이 선비족이 조선의 사대부 선비로 이어짐,,,이게 한국 현대사회에서 선배,,, 선생등으로 연결됨,,
    즉 한국인 조상의 60%이상은 조상이 북방계임,,약 40%정도가 남방계로 추정됨
    이성계만 해도 자신의 개인 기마군단 병력이 7천명정도 이상을 보유하고 있었다고함
    고려조정에선 이성계 집안의 이런 기마군단 전력때문에 북방의 군사권을 이성계한테 사실 제후의 권한을 준것임
    그런데 한반도 함흥은 완전 산골임… 이성계의 개인 기마병이 7천명을 넘으면 최소한 말은 그 3배가 있어야함
    그게 기마군단 운용의 최소한 보유해야하는 것임,, 즉 이성계 세력은 최소 7000×3=21000필 이상의 말을
    온전히 기마병용으로만 운용하는 유목부족이고 그정도 말은 최소한 만주대평원 정도는 되는 대평원에서만 유목이 가능함
    즉 이성계가 한반도 북한 함흥출신이란건 개소리임
    역사조작 세력이 역사를 반도에 집어넣고 완전히 조작한것임
    ,,,, 그래서 한국 각궁이 사거리가 세계최고 인것은 유목부족이 활로 기마전을 할때 사거리가 길고 powerful 한 사람이
    이기게 되어있음,,,,,, 서양애들이 파르티잔 아처리라고 하는 등뒤로 활쏘는 것도 초원에서 기습작전을 하고,,
    상대방에게 등이 뒤쳐지는 상황에서 말을 달릴때 뒷편에서 추격하는 적을 사격하는 수법임
    이것은 고도의 기마술이 뒷받침되야하고 농경민족은 절대 파르티잔 기법에서 승리할수 없음,,, 오로지 하루종일 말타는
    유목민족만이 말안장 위에서 균형을 가장 잘 잡기때문에 유목민족의 전투술임
    즉 고구려와 고려의 파르티잔 아처리 사격술은 고구려와 고려가 유목을 하던 경재권임을 의미함
    고려정권이 이성계에게 군사력에 제압당한것은 고려가 말기에 농경문화가 심화되면서 정권세력이 기마민족 정체성을 잃었기
    때문임 ,,,,,,,,,농경민족의 전투에선 1:1 맞대전에서 승패가 결정되고 그래서 검술이 가장 중요함
    근접전이 되기때문에,,,,,,,유목전투에서 근접전은 화살이 떨어질때만 근접전을 하고 화살이 있는한 계속 말을타고 서로 상대방의 꽁무니를 따라잡으며 화살전투를 하개됨,,,, 즉 기마전투의 승패는 바로 활이 승패를 가르게 됨
    ,,,, 그래서 활이 사거리가 길고 빠르고 작을수록 더 유리함,, 활이 작고 가볍고 쏘기 쉬울수록 이기기 쉬움
    그래서 한국인 조상은 원래 대다수가 북방에서 유목민족이기 때문에 초원에서 말달리며 싸우기 위해서 각궁같이
    작고 가볍고 강력한 활을 개발한것임,,,
    이성계가 유명해진 것도 명궁이었기 때문임,,,, 기마병 전투에선 활잘쏘는 사람이 전부 다 이김,,
    즉 그사람이 칸이 되는것임,,,,이성계는 원래 몽골군벌인데. 오이랏트 부족의 일원이 아닌가 추정됨
    .. 여진족이란 설도 있는데,,, 여진족이든 몽골이든 다 고구려와 실라에서 갈라진 세력이기 때문에 그 뿌리는 같음
    몽골 오이랏트 부족은 고구려 소서노 부족의 후손들이 아닌가 추정됨
    이성계의 리씨가 오얏리씨인데,,, 이 오얏이 오이랏(oyrat)과 연관이 있어보임
    ..이성계의 원 고향은 현 중앙아시아 우즈벡스탄과 타지크스탄의 아무다리아 강 상류일 가능성이 보이고
    그 조상들은 알타이 부근에서 남쪽으로 이동한 몽골 군벌로 추정됨
    이게 중앙아시아에선 “Amir Timur “라는 유목대칸으로 묘사됨,,, 즉 이성계와 아미르 티무르는 동일인물인데
    한반도에 역사를 축소조작 하려다 보니. 한국에선 이성계, 중국에선 명태조,,, 중앙아시아에선 아미르 티무르가됨
    ..이게 한국에도 그 전통이 낮은데 한국 곳곳에 “아미”산이 많고 중꾹에도 아미산이 많은
    ,, 아미르의 아미는 고귀한 신적인 의미이고,,, 이름은 티무르….
    즉 이성계는 고려의 대칸이 된 후에 “이성계 “라는 한자이름을 만들었거나 그 전에 고려황제로부터 리씨를 하사받은것
    이성계의 심복장군인 퉁두란도 나중에 이지란이란 한자이름을 하사받음,,
    고려는 유라시아 대부분 장악한 대제국 이었는데 2차대전 이후로 서양세력이 한반도로 역사를 축소시켜 놨음
    우리가 배운 송나라라고 하는 중국왕조가 사실은 고려의 다른 이름임,,,,송편은 송나라의 편자 (떡,,, 이 편자가 서양에가서 피자로 진화함),,,인데 한국의 대표 떡인 이유가 그것임… 송도는 송나라 수도를 의미하는데
    고려의 수도가 송도인것도 마찬가지
    개성상인을 송상이라 하는것도 마찬가지,,
    한반도 개성은 짝퉁으로 만들어 놓은것…
    즉 한국이나 북한이나 지배세력은 모두 서양과 짱개의 역사조작에 동참하는 세력임
    이성계와 아미르 티무르와 명태조가 인생사가 거의 똑같음,,, 왜냐하면 동일인물이기 때문임
    ,,,이성계는 현재의 터키와 동유럽까지 기마군단으로 초토화시킴,,,, 그게 중앙아시아의 아미르 티무르의 일대기로 그려놓은것
    오스만제국 (오손돌궐)의 황제를 잡아서 개우리에 집어넣고 쇠사슬 목에채워 개처럼 끌고다님
    당시에 오스만투르크 제국의 왕족은 죄다 몽골계
    원래 오스만투르크는 서양발음이고 우리말 발음은 오선돌궐이고 여기서 오손은 외손이고
    즉 역시 오이랏 부족과 연결되고,,,외는 소서노의 위구태부족과 연결됨,,,
    한꾹에선 왼쪽이고 외갓집이고 소서노 부족은 고구려의 외갓집이 되기 때문에 서방으로 밀려나서 서쪽에서 제국을 세운게
    오선돌궐임,,, 현재 터키는 오손돌궐 몽골계의 피지배층 아랍족들이고,,,이 Oyrat (오이랏,, 원래는 외랏으로 읽어야함
    ..의 몽골발음은 dzun (준)이거 그래서 몽골어로 왼쪽을 “준쪽 “,,,
    오른쪽을 우리와 같은 바른쪽 이라고 함,,,, 이게 한국에선 왼쪽을 “좌”라 하는데
    몽골어의 “준”의 발음변형임,,,같은 역사를 가지고 한반도 중원 중앙아시아 전부 다른역사인 것처럼
    조작하다보니 이름도 지명도 스토리도 조금씩 달라지게 된것임

  33. 흠..이거 음악제가 했는데..이거 저작권 안걸리나요?? KBS에서 소송걸지도 모릅니다..조심하시길 ㅜㅜ

  34. Korean bows. Mainstream are turkish, english longbows and mongol bows. Never heard of a korean bow until now.

  35. Very interesting documentary especially regarding the bow making techniques used , but one thing I have to mention it wasn't the first time Europeans met the recurve bow .As a Bulgarian I have to say that our people used this type of bow and we came to Europe long before the 12th century (which is historically unquestionable) . After the christianization of our people we have lost the spiritual and ancestral bonding with our roots and ourselves so the culture elements of who we are were replaced , sadly .I'm not here to claim that this is bulgarian technology of something but to search for information regarding this part of long lost culture of our people and our roots .Also I have to mention that there was a strict law in the Bulgarian army that you can not have your bow stringed in non-war time and it's break was punished with death penalty , I think there is also link to the fact that the mongolian/korean bow loses it's draw weight/elasticity if it's always stringed .I would appreciate any comment about the cultural, historical or mythological aspect of the archery culture of the Mongolian people .

  36. Being able to shoot further doesn’t make it a superior bow. It depends on what it’s designed for. Manchurian bows and Japanese bows were designed to shoot a very long and heavy arrow to penetrate armor at short range. Korean bows it seems are designed for long range like Tartar bows.

    Despite what the video shows, it is impossible to penetrate metal armor at anything but short range. Generally cavalry prefer short range bows as they can get very close to deal with armor while infantry used long range bows to kill unarmored horses before they can close the distance. Mongols cavalry are know to carry two bows for long and short range.

  37. 왜구들을 홀로 물리친 노비 '이옥'은 이후 조선초기 때 '판한성부사'의 직위에 오르게된다.
    판한성부사라는 직위의 위치는 현재 서울특별시장, 서울고등검찰청장 혹은 서울고등법원장에 해당한다.
    노비였지만 백성과 나라를 사랑한 이옥
    현재 우리나라 고위관직에 위치한 사람들이 본 받아야할 인물이 아닐까?

  38. Funny how media people insert apocalyptic background music so much. I'd prefer it without. Always so interesting to see slow mo shots of arrow shooting. Very helpful when analyzing one's own technique.

  39. 그놈의 우리 민족과 나라가 외세에 침략만 받았다는 피해의식과 식민사관 좀 버립시다. 이제 외국인들은 한국하면 제일 먼저 침략과 식민지 역사부터 떠올리고 소개할 정도로 역사적으로 침략만 받은 비참한 나라라는 잘못된 이미지가 고착되고 있는 심각한 상황입니다. 세계에서는 아무도 외세에 시달리고 침략받은 나라 따위는 존경하지 않습니다. 세계로부터 존경받으려면 스스로 존경하는 법부터 배워야 됩니다. 피해의식에 빠져서 어린애처럼 징징거린다고 되는게 아닙니다.

    그리고 아직도 한국이 1천번의 침략을 받았다는등의 일제의 식민사과 레파토리를 그대로 외우고 다니며 세계에 전파하는 xx들이 많은데 1천번의 침략이면 2년에 한번꼴로 전쟁이 있었다는 얘기입니다. 왜 굳이 외국인들에게 까지 그런 허의 식민사관을 퍼뜨리고 다니는지 도저히 이해가 안되고 침략을 받았다는 것은 자랑이 아닙니다.

    이세계는 한 나라 민족이 얼마나 다른나라를 침략해서 영토를 넓혔는가 아닌가로 존경을 받는 그런 세상입니다. 유럽 게시판 자주 가는데 한국경제가 아무리 발전해도 그들은 절대 인정 안할거라고 함 왜냐면 제국의 경험없이 외세의 침략만 받은 나라니까

    그러니까 동시에 광개토 대왕이나 신라의 규슈점령 백제의 일본점령 세종의 대마도 정벌 같은 역사도 알려야 됩니다.

    그리고 여기 댓글에 중국인과 일본인들 악플 천지인데 왜 아무도 반박이나 맞서지를 않냐? 항상 이런식이고 10년전부터 인터넷에서 끝도 없이 일본인들과 중국인들에게 괴롭힘을 당하면서도 그저 외국인이라고 사대주의 노예근성에 빠져서 찍소리 한마디 대들지도 못하고 노예처럼 굽신 거리기만 한다.
    니들이 저당시 왜구를 피해 도망만친 비겁한 관군들과 뭐가 다르냐? 한심한 겁쟁이들 피는 못 속인다.

  40. Korea has occupied the entire Manchurian for over a thousand years. In Central Asia and Manchuria, there lived many tribes similar to the Mongols, and the Korean bow was probably influenced by the Huns among them. Yes, It's mean the Huns who invaded Europe. And one of them, the Jurchen, conquered China and founded the Qing Dynasty. They were not just savages. They were very brave warriors and traders. It is also Mongolia that pioneered the Silk Road. And Korea and China also interacted with Europe, from the eastern end to the western end, through the Silk Road. But Japan was just a group of savages who were pirating until the 16th century.
    And Korea succeeded in developing cannons in 1377 and installed them on warships. and destroyed more than 400 pirate ships in Japan. Since then, Japanese piracy has almost disappeared.

  41. 달리는 말위에서 몸을돌려 적을 향해쏘는 기술.
    서양인들이 파르티안 샷이라고 부르는 기술.
    고구려 무용총 벽화에도
    나오는 활쏘기 기술.

  42. The range of these Korean bows is impressive. This is an excellent factual documentary. That olympic archer woman needs to stop giggling so much and concentrate on not embarrassing everyone. In Japan the horse archers that missed their targets had to disembowel themselves. She should consider that lesson and take traditional archery more seriously.

  43. Always this bullshit… small bows that could penetrate gambesons and a chainmail…
    this guys shows how hard it is to penetrate Cloth and chainmail.


  44. Because the Koreans have changed their history. And there is no neutrality to reflect the promotion of Chinese culture in Korea in history, which is repugnant. So now when the history of Korea is boasted, the Chinese do not like it whether it is correct or not.

  45. I wasnt aware Korea did much combat with European chain and plate wearing types. Nor was i aware their bows could penetrate like English and Japanese bows couldnt.

  46. 국궁이 무슨 세계최강인 것마냥 신봉하는 국뽕 다큐. 그 잘난 국궁으로 임진왜란 때도 조총 압살하고 병자호란 때도 청기병 압살하고 신미양요 때도 미군 압살하고 세계정복 했어야지 왜 못했나ㅉㅉ 그 잘난 국궁으로 중국하고 일본한테 반만년동안 털리고 살았다는 게 개한심하네ㅉㅉ 국궁은 조센만의 특색이 조금 가미된 나무쪼가리에 동물힘줄 꿰어만든 그냥 어느 나라에나 있는 활 중에 하나인 게 팩트다. 글고 갑옷도 무슨 두부처럼 관통하는 비밀병기나 최종병기 따위가 아니다. 갑옷하고 방패 잘 갖추면 막을 수 있다. 국뽕 버려라.

  47. 나라에 가문을 잃은 분노보다 왜구새끼들이 양민을 학살하는걸 못봐서 그런게 아닐까 생각합니다다

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