【TVPP】Jackson(GOT7),SungJae(BTOB)-Archery Semifinal, 잭슨,성재 – 양궁 준결승 @2016 Idol Star Championships
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【TVPP】Jackson(GOT7),SungJae(BTOB)-Archery Semifinal, 잭슨,성재 – 양궁 준결승 @2016 Idol Star Championships

August 9, 2019

Jackson Those clothes are a huge handicap. If the clothes get in the way, he could even score zero points. This isn’t Korean traditional archery. This is a very rare sight on ISAC. It’s that kind of visual. One looks like a foreigner and the other looks like our ancestor.
It’s the set!/He hit the set! New Year’s gift ‘set!’ (puns)But it was a very strongly shot zero points.
He has good strength though!
Isn’t hitting the set a first? Yes, it’s a first. This person isn’t normal either. “Yook-mong” isn’t normal either.Jackson doesn’t have to be so upset.
Jackson doesn’t have to be so upset.
This is Joomong!
They said he was good during practice as well. He pulls it off even with that outfit on.
He pulls it off even with that outfit on. He has no expression! The horse likes it. The horse that Yook-mong rides is enjoying it. This scene right here is right out of a historical drama. I think he was aiming for that concept. Now, look at his expression after shooting.
He’s so cool. Now, Jackson we are hoping he does well.
Show us you have more than just strength.
Concentrate. He has good form. That’s it!Good shot, Jackson. From zero points to nine. Yook Sungjae and his historical drama concept.
It’s an 8! Very good.You can see his confident expression after he shootsHe’s good at controlling his expressions. He’s saying, “I’m the best” CLC team is in the lead, 40 to 26.

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  1. Oh shit ! who decided to let most extra boys in kpop to compete!??! now IDK who I will cheer anymore??

    BTW who still watch this in 2019

  2. Jackson reaction oh my God?? so hilarious??
    Seugjae acting i cant breath ??
    The battle of the two funniest boy in their grp

  3. Honestly if Got 7 and BTOB were brought together in a reality show ,I would definitely die laughing.???
    Their silliness is a perfect match.??

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