【 Archery, Push-Pull on the ice~Who’s the KING of game?!】iWALKER HIGHLIGHTS
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【 Archery, Push-Pull on the ice~Who’s the KING of game?!】iWALKER HIGHLIGHTS

August 12, 2019

Archery is the traditional skills for men in Mongolia. Its more stylish yo play on the ice. Testing your eyesight and accuracy. The highest points you’ll win. People know Mongolia is brave. They’re very good at playing archery. So this is an easy part. We have two times to practice for each one. And five chances for each other. See who get the highest points is the winner. Alright. The game is almost start. Game on. First 9 points. You’re good. You should step back. You may win by 9 points. 4 13 points now. OK. The last shot. 7 points. The amount is 20 points. It’s your turn, you can move forward. How did you do that? Just ok.(with proud) Where’s your arrow? Zero points. It’s difficult. Move forward. OK. It’s too far. I think I should stay backward. She seems dangerous. Girls have five chances right? I should hit the target. OK. Five. I got it. Four points. Zero again. My arms are sore. It’s not an easy work. Your left hand should stay stabled. Yes, I get it again. This is count. 7 points total. I finish 5 arrows. But I only got 7 points. So hard. You’re good. Yes, that’s it. Where is it? Do you have the feeling? I can’t see anything actually. You should aim the bulls’eye. Your bulls’eye. You can pull it higher. Like this? Yes, four points. You lost the final chance. So sad. Keep going in next round. Why do people laugh out loud? It’s not exciting ice push-pull. Let’s go experience. This is the special activity. Called push-pull or tug of war. Almost everyone is unstable on the ice. Very interesting. The floor is slippery. Yes, You feel easy to fell. So many people are watching. This is my first time. The game is about to start. There’re many games in a day. The competitors are the tourists. You can go on if you want. They’re wearing the traditional costumes. Your turn for the next round. We found someone to join us. Fighting. They’re asked to move back. Change to another side. Three people stand on the wrong side. We’re naughty. We must win! The game is on. Lose in a second. Fall down directly. so hard. We’re suck. What are we doing? So funny. You know? You can play whole day here. Everything is interesting here. You must experience the slippery feeling. 123 and the game is over. At first, I tried to stand in the first line. But the strong man ask me to step back. It takes you only a few seconds to over the game. Two seconds. One, Two Finish in a second. There’s a friction on the normal land. No…. It just….. This is our first experience on the ice again. So cool. We can’t have this in another place. Really. What else can we play on the ice? Here comes the easy one. You get one point if you hit one. One person has five chances. See who gets the highest points. OK. You go first. Me. OK. Alright let’s go. We prepare a lot of small ices there. Bear goes the first. This called the farthest distance in the world. You lost. The second one. I got it. This is a touch ball. Not count. Why? You should hit it. It’s hard. The final one. Lost again. One for bear. It’s so difficult. Tuna. Coming. It’s too far. Second. Zero. Third. Will I get zero point here? Almost. I’m done. So terrible. The fourth one. What can I do? Give me one. Yes! Final Touch ball again. So hard. My turn now. It’s troublesome. Middle. The middle one is poor. There you go. Don’t be too fast. It’s close. Gia Gia was hit. Hurray. You’re awesome. Are you Mario. To make it harder. OK. Last one. He won’t succeed. It’s great. Two points. Two. I almost had three. It’s already awesome. It’s interesting actually. Do you feel that the games on the ice is interesting? Yes, it seems easy. But also a challenge. We can have fun through an easy game. Playing games on ice, fun and exciting. You can have a great time.

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