❌ (ENDED) FREE Steam Game – Braveland | Resident Evil 2 Demo
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❌ (ENDED) FREE Steam Game – Braveland | Resident Evil 2 Demo

October 9, 2019

Hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and welcome to a free game video so a game called Braveland is free on Steam
right now this is a small indie strategy 2d turn-based combat type game and this
is free for only 24 hours normally we have games for 48 hours two days but
this one’s only free for 24 hours this is directly on Steam so you can just go
to your steam page search for this game or just use the link and click install
and this will be added to your library you don’t need to download it just add
it to your library and you can play it later if I’m not mistaken this game was
also free on Humble last year sometime last year and I think it was free as
part of those you know those stamp collecting things they had in the past
they still have it but this time you have to pay it but if you collected one
or two stamps you got this free last year I think I picked it up then so some
of you may already have this but yeah it’s it’s free it’s not a very expensive
game from what I understand and it’s also more of a casual type game so it
should be fun it should run on anything and it’s free so why not pick it up so
yeah check it out is free only for 24 hours
I’ve also wanted to remind you about the Tom Clancy Week on Chrono.gg as you know
they’re having a sale on Tom Clancy games this week from the 14th to the
20th of January so they’ll have the division and the division 2 pre-orders
throughout the week and every day they’ll change they’ll add another game
another Tom Clancy game so today they have Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell blackout
blackout blacklist sorry blacklist so yeah check it out if you’re
interested even if you’re not as I mentioned before just click on this coin
every day you get some free coins and then you can use those coins to buy
something from the coin shop my internet is a bit slow right now so right now
they have these games here insurgency for 4000 coins so you can save money and
just pick up the coin so you don’t have to buy anything but if you buy something
you will get a lot more coins so if you are interested in any of these games
have a look and finally I wanted to talk about
Resident Evil 2 now some of you watched my video the one I made about the
division 2 and the best place to buy it and I generally got a good response on
that video so somebody also requested that I make a video for this game
Resident Evil 2 so I wanted to mention in case you don’t know I mean everybody
knows by now but they have a demo for the game on Steam you can download this
and you can play it for 30 minutes it is 7 GB download so keep that in mind and I
think this is a good move and I wish more companies did this like in
releasing an actual demo of the game before the game came out we can try it
and then make our decision if you want to buy it or not simple concept but
nobody seems to do this also Resident Evil 2 is one of those games that is
being offered with AMD cards so if you buy an AMD card depending on which card
you buy you either get 2 or 3 games 570, 580 you’ll get two games between division
2 Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2 so you can pick two of
the three and if you buy a 590 or above you should get all three games so that
is one of the reasons why I thought I’d check it out I’ve downloaded this it’s
only 30 minutes otherwise I would have streamed this what I’ll do is I’ll try
and play this record it and then I’ll upload it as a gameplay video or with
the video on the best prices so I’ll do a bit of research and try to find the
best place to get this so yeah I just wanted to remind you in case you don’t
know but I think everybody knows so yeah that’s it for this one thank you for
watching pick up the free game and see you in the next one

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  1. This is probably the first time I am not excited for a free game but I will still add it to my library ?. Not a fan of these types of games.

  2. I remember getting Braveland from Humble back in early September 2018 around the 10th. It's actually a very overlooked hidden gem imo. I wouldn't say it's a diamond or emerald gem but definitely a gem none the less. Maybe like a ruby or sapphire. It's not too complicated to understand is why I like it.

  3. I just bought a new vega 56 for 299$ and got resedent evil 2, devil may cry 5 and the division 2 for free. Best deal of my life (i will get the product keys when the games are released)

  4. Hi, my name is Andrey. im sorry, but i already have this game. Is there any way to stop the giveaway?

  5. Thank you for this LBG. Unfortunately ChronoGG is only offering these games in Europe and NA region for their Tom Clancy week

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