✔ Minecraft: How to make Any Chair Sittable
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✔ Minecraft: How to make Any Chair Sittable

August 28, 2019

How to make any chair sittible. Hello! Today I’ll show you a simple method to make pretty much any chair sittable! This is done with a minecart and a common piston trick. Make sure you’re pushing the chair into the minecart. The minecart cannot be pushed into the chair. It does look a little weird from the outside, but is good when you’re the player sitting. There’s a bit more to the method. You can place a minecart between two blocks. This allows you to make two block wide chairs as well! 👦 This is a simple throne. I already feel more powerful… Hope you find this trick useful! Leave a like or a comment if you did to get a free working chair. Just kidding, do it though..

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  3. if you put a minecart on top of an end portal frame then push a half slab or stair in to it the minecart is hard to see the minecart. unfortunately the minecart has to be facing a certain way for it to work.

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