✓Finally! Top 50 OFFLINE Strategy Games For Android 2018 | No Internet? No Problem! | [PART 5]
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✓Finally! Top 50 OFFLINE Strategy Games For Android 2018 | No Internet? No Problem! | [PART 5]

October 10, 2019

hey gamers welcome back to sit that game
your one-stop destination for the best smartphone games out there this is your
friend Vic grant and today we’ll sell a fifth part of top 50 Android strategy
games that can be played completely offline so no internet no problem before
we start the video let me with a quick announcement that from now on I’ll try
to upload a video every two days big thanks to all relevant support guys and
now that being said let’s get started so the first step on our list is the Final
Fantasy 15 the pocket edition it’s a smartphone version of the popular action
role-playing game by the square Enix Studios it’s the one which you saw in
the intro of this video yes I know it’s a RPG game then why the heck it is even
on this list it’s here to represent its wide range of other Final Fantasy
counterparts which are available on the Play Store final fantasy series is
always known for its ultra hard strategic gameplay and the captivating
storyline some even consider this games as some of the hardest games ever made
almost all the parts are a direct port to the Android from the console which
brings back a lot of nostalgia and more than a special treat for the Final
Fantasy find out I’ll get the links in the description
below make sure to check them all and the next up we have the galaxy Reavers a
popular RTS game by the good time LLC studios it’s a funny a challenging game
where you need to eliminate your rival spaceships in order to survive and
conquer this dark universe it’s one of the finest RTS games out there with
stunning 3d graphics and immersive fast-paced gameplay you will control
your war fleet which is ready to destroy the enemy ships on the flick of your
fingers the missions likes Ryu escort rescue
will keep you engaged while the tactical combination spark more excitement in the
galaxy it sizes around 136 MB and it’s completely free to download and play and
the third one on our list is the naval storm TD the first and only tower
defense game set in the ocean here you get ready to commander naval war and
defend the last remaining supply of your oil
entire armies of enemies will be rushing at your island defenses trying to
destroy them by any means necessary this game can be classified as a hybrid of
classical tiers and 3d games packed with action and strategy it weighs around 96
MB in size and completely free to download and play and
guess what this strategy list can never be complete
without adding this particular game yeah it’s chess one of the most hardcore
strategy games the mankind has ever seen the AI Factory neatly bolted this
classic game to the world of Android with over 50 million plus downloads and
the shiny editors choice tag this is one of the most listened to games on the
Play Store this one is completely offline and doesn’t support any online
matches so in case you wanna test your skills online and also add online chess
game in the description below and the next up we have the tentacle wars a
super cool 31 MB game by the FDG entertainment studios here you take
control of the battlefield at the microscopic level inside the cell of an
alien life-form a contaminated alien organism is about to die and you need to
take a deep look inside while it launches its final defense program in
this fast-moving microscopic world now it’s up to you to sell the entire
species from the extinction this game is completely free to download and play and
has in-app ads and on the second last part we have the gorgeous looking game
the Battle of polytope yeah a turn-based strategy game with cute low poly
graphics it’s a turn-based strategy game where you choose a civilization and try
to rule the entire world with it to achieve this you’ll need to upgrade our
technology and sometimes also get in conflict with the other civilizations
this game way is just 29 MB in size and it’s freely available to download and
play on the Play Store and finally we have the final game of this video which
is again one of my personal favorite games please hit the like button if you
enjoyed this video and subscribe this channel to stay updated about all the
latest android games and now let’s take a look at this awesome kiddie game the
radiant depends one of the most challenging titties out there
this game is equally loud and hated for the same reason which is difficulty
although it’s free to download and play the game gets extremely difficult as we
progress up to the point that it gets impossible to pass a level without
faltering the pro packs but the story doesn’t end here if you are willing to
purchase all the pro facts then the real game begins unlike the other paid to end
games this one doesn’t get easier when you put in your money if we consider it
as a paid game then I will highly recommend you to download this one as it
has lot of food to feed the hard core strategic minds
so that’s all for today guys I hope you enjoyed the video please let me know if
I missed any games today and do subscribe for more awesome gaming videos
three eye minutes video guys till then this is your enemy Quran signing off

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