✅ TOP 5: Best Gaming Chair 2019
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✅ TOP 5: Best Gaming Chair 2019

August 29, 2019

Looking for the best gaming chair? In this video we’ll break down the top gaming
chairs available whilst comparing them for price versus performance. Before we get started with our video detailing
the best gaming chairs on the market, we have included links in the description for each
product mentioned, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget
range. Starting off at number 1 we have the Secretlab
Omega Gaming Chair. Finding a chair that’s right for any gamer
can be a difficult proposition, and while some manufacturers try to suit everyone, Secretlab
has instead opted to create their Omega chair with the needs of gamers with smaller frames
in mind. While it’s ideal for gamers about 5’10” and
175 pounds or less, it can accommodate larger players as well. Just don’t expect it to suit your needs if
you’re especially big boned. The Class 4 hydraulic pistons help accommodate
gamers of different heights and keep their feet firmly rooted on the ground, while the
maxed-out ergonomics ensures that the chair will mold to suit your posture and body type. A nice touch is the capability of the arms
to be adjusted into four different positions. Versatility is a major selling point all around,
and the chair can even recline into a full laying position. Next at number 2 we have the DXRacer OHCE120
Gaming Chair. In contrast to the Secretlab Omega, this DXRacer
gaming chair is absolutely massive. DXRacer got their start designing seating
for luxury race cars, and that commitment to quality is reflected in the Classic Series. It can comfortably fit and sustain the bulk
of gamers weighing as much as 300 pounds, but it also scales nicely, making it a good
fit for smaller players as well. Where many gaming chairs opt to make their
chairs as plush and soft as possible, there’s a pleasant rigidity to this DXRacer. While it may seem a bit stiff at first, it
will accommodate to your weight in almost no time, and you can count on it to provide
a level of support and stability that’s great for longer gaming sessions. An additional cushion comes with the chair
free of charge. At number 3 we have the Furmax Leather Gaming
Chair. A good gaming chair can easily cost you hundreds
of dollars, but Furmax has luckily come in to help fill out the market for cheap gaming
chairs. Available in a wide range of different colors,
this budget gaming chair punches well above its pay grade. The combination of PU leather and mesh upholstery
makes it a surprisingly comfortable sit even for extended periods of time, and it also
makes this chair incredibly easy to clean. This chair splits the difference between a
racing chair and a more conventional office chair by combining the comfort of the form
with the sturdier and more functional back support that gamers need for long sessions. And while there’s some assembly required,
it can be put together in a brisk and easy ten minutes. It may not be the best chair available, but
it’s far and away the best in its class. At number 4 we have the Merax Racing Style
Computer Chair. If Furbar’s gaming chair is a little cheap
for your tastes, you may want to check out the Merax racing style chair, available for
just under a hundred dollars. For that modest price increase, you get the
addition of more flexibility. Both the armrests and the seat height are
fully adjustable, and you can also rearrange this gaming chair into a number of different
reclining configurations (extending to 180 degrees). Both the lumbar support and the headrest cushions
are detachable so you can get the amount of support that you prefer with ease. The armrests can be raised or lowered to a
significant degree, or they can even be detached completely without much effort. The weight limit of 250 pounds is a bit beneath
the standard of 300, but it should still be a suitable fit for most gamers. In at number 5 we have the X Rocker 51259
Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair. The X Rocker bridges the gap between regular
gaming chair and full-on gaming peripheral. Compatible with a PC, PS4, or XBox One, the
X Rocker comes with vibration and sound functionality built in to create a truly immersive gaming
experience. Wireless audio pipes in the sound from your
game directly into the chair. Connectivity is incredibly easy, and a seamless
control panel allows you to control the volume, bass controls, and volume with little hassle. The sound system itself comprises of four
speakers and an independent subwoofer. That’s a lot of power, and it creates a shockingly
powerful soundscape that can put you right in the environment of your favorite game. The vibration motors, meanwhile, work in conjunction
with the subwoofers to create a more impactful experience. The faux leather is comfortable, but the lack
of a frame may take some getting used to for some gamers. At number 6 we have the RESPAWN-200 Racing
Style Gaming Chair. With its bold lines and garish red and black
design, the Respawn RSP-200 screams gaming chair. And while the actual design sensibilities
may be an acquired taste for some, the fundamentals of its ergonomics should suit just about everyone. A lot of comfort has been packed into this
chair’s frame. The molded foam seat, headrest, and neck pillow
are all wrapped in PVC and leather, and there are multiple points of adjustment to find
an angle that’s right for you (although this chair only reclines to 130 rather than 180
degrees). Armrests are a feature often overlooked in
chairs, at least in terms of comfort, but Respawn gets it right here. The cushioning finds just the right balance
between comfort and firmness, and they support adjustability in four dimensions. The mesh backing is comfortable without building
up excess heat during long sessions of sitting. At number 7 we have the Noblechairs ICON Gaming
Chair. The Noblechairs ICON is understated. In a market where neon shades of orange, green,
and red dominate, the ICON instead sports a plain black faux leather interior that wouldn’t
look out of place in a boardroom. The back and neck provide an exceptional level
of support, while the casters are optimized to work equally well on both carpeted and
hardwood surfaces. Then there’s the solid cushioning that rests
beneath the surface. It has a nice springiness that prevents it
from just sinking in to your weight and is designed to last years where some alternatives
may become flat after a few months. The neck and lumbar cushions make use of a
textured service to prevent sliding while sitting, while the solid steel frame offers
a level of durability that’s rare to find in even the best gaming chairs. At number 8 we have the Homall Gaming Chair. Despite its modest price tag, Homall’s gaming
chair has pretty bold ambitious. Sure, it offers a sturdy and supportive design
complemented by a removal headrest and lumbar pillow that puts it squarely in the category
of PC gaming chairs, but the multi-functional seat back is where this chair really comes
into its own. Not only can it be adjusted into a full recline
for catching a quick rest, but it also sports a rocking feature for when you just want to
relax. This is a chair that can serve you well in
front of your gaming rig, while studying or doing work, or just chilling out and watching
TV. That’s a huge benefit if you’re trying to
maximize the space in your apartment or your home, and it’s even more enticing considering
that this chair can be picked up for less than a hundred bucks. At number 9 we have the Corsair T2 Road Warrior. The Corsair Road Warrior may bear a tough
name, but it’s an incredibly accommodating choice and easily one of the top gaming chairs
available today. And for those looking for something less ostentatious,
it sports a muted design that seems contradictory to the braggadocio of its name. It’s simply a beautiful chair: retaining the
look and feel of a race car model while keeping the bright coloring and prominent logos to
a minimum. The perforated leather surface makes it very
breathable, while the arms can be rotated in four dimensions. The vertical adjustment supports a range of
about four inches, a respectable range, and the microfiber covering offers an additional
layer of softness to the PU leather surface. And for our final pick at number 10 we have
the Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair. Where other gaming chair manufacturers might
be content to simply release one chair for each relative price range, Noblechairs has
instead opted to create two separate models in a more or less comparable price range. The Epic sports many of the design sensibilities
of the Icon, and while its differences are subtle, they’re also important. The aesthetic design is a little more flamboyant
and offers increased breathability due to the large holes in the back, but the big difference
is that this chair offers more cushioning. If you like Noblechairs’ designs but want
something a little softer than the average gaming chair, the Epic is made for you. Just be aware that its max weight of 265 pounds
means it’s not going to be a suitable choice for all gamers. Now if none of those 10 caught your eye, then
we also have 2 bonus picks that might be suited to you. The first pick is the RESPAWN-110 Racing Style
Gaming Chair. The Respawn 110 may be a step down in pricing
from their 200 model, but it still offers very great value for your dollar. It’s a racing style chair with a focus on
ergonomics, and a lot of consideration has been put into comfort. The lumbar and neck cushions are a bit flashy
but also meaningfully weighty, and the strategic holes at the shoulders allow the chair to
breathe without impeding your posture. The arms adjust in four different dimensions,
and they can even be removed entirely if that’s what you’d prefer. Surprising, especially considering the price,
is the fact that this chair is constructed from real leather. But there’s no need to worry about wear and
tear. It’s been sealed with a premium bond to ensure
its prolonged durability. And our second bonus pick is the Arozzi Verona
Junior Gaming Chair. The Arozzi Verona Junior takes all the quality
features that you’d expect from a mid-range gaming chair and shrinks them down to suit
the needs of younger gamers. You don’t have to worry about Arozzi cutting
any corners in regards for design. It sports the same firm and posture-supporting
structure that adults expect from their gaming chairs and a recline function that goes up
to 165 degrees. Specially attention has been paid to the synthetic
leather, which is designed for easy cleaning in the case of spills or sweating. Obviously this won’t be a gaming chair for
everyone, but if you want a chair for a kid aged five to twelve, the Verona Junior meets
a specialty niche without making sacrifices. So that sums up our top gaming chairs of 2019. We hope you enjoyed. If you did please leave a like on the video
and if you’re new here hit that subscribe button. Until next time have a great day.

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