✅ FREE Game – Endless Space Collection (Steam) Giveaway
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✅ FREE Game – Endless Space Collection (Steam) Giveaway

November 17, 2019

Hello and welcome to Low Budget Gaming, so
we have another free game and today’s free game is Endless Space Collection. So this is being given away free by Games2Gether,
is a website where gamers and the studios have a community of sorts and they are giving
this away. So the process is a little different than
usual, so I will explain this in this video. First you need to register an account with
games2gether, just make a username, password etc and in the referrer’s username, you can
put my username if you like ‘LowBudgetGaming’ its optional, don’t know what it does but
if you which you can add this here as well. Once you register your account, the next step
is to link your steam account with your game2gether account and then add the game. So once you have created your account and
confirmed the email what you need to do is, you need to go into the rewards section here,
you can click here, or go in the rewards tab. Over here you can see ‘Your steam account
is linked’ yours will not be linked so you will have to link it for the first time. So read the terms and conditions, if you are
ok with that link your account with your steam account, and once you do that, just click
on Redeem the game there should be an option to redeem the game here, when you click on
that it will say Redeemed Game and then you can go into your steam and check if the game
is added to your library. Once you have clicked redeem you can go into
your steam library to confirm if the game has been added, and you can arrange it by
recent and you should see this at the top. That’s it and the game is added, you can install
it and play it.I don’t know how long this is for, so probably for the weekend as well
since the free to play weekend is also going on currently so that’s it. Hope this was useful, see if this is something
you like and if it is these are the steps to get it. I will put the links below as always and yeah
thank you for watching, see you in the next one.

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  1. Hey I have a question I claim deponia from humble bundle and successfully redeem it but after I re login from another computer they gave me another key and it showing me redeem it before 30 but I cannot redeem it because I already have it on my steam account
    And thanks for your great work

  2. For me, after done the registration, the site bugged. I can't click on rewards or in anything and the site looks bugged. help?

  3. I bought it in early access back in the day (french studio oblige ^^). And all endless games of G2G are great. I has lot of fnu on ES1. I'd advise everyone that didnt get to play it to try it, it's a great 4X and beautiful, lots of new mechanics and a unique universe.

  4. Website is broken ? I registered confirmed my email but it shows as I never logged in and I log in again repeatedly nothing is happening

  5. Please put the locations back on the thumbnails. take the upper right corner of the thumbnail make some quick pre made images for the game location logos humble steam epic ect… you can slap on the thumbnail when you are done and it should be simple.

  6. Thank you LBG for this, unfortunately, it seems the site is buggy and not ready to accept large volumes of registrations. It keeps giving me lots of errors like many others too

  7. I created a account yesterday but i can't login today :___; is this website broken cause many of us reported different peoblem

  8. hi just wanna let you guys know, now the website kinda better and now you can have the DLC from the game in rewards section and scroll more then you got dlc and comic i guess, yeah hope its help

  9. Wait Wait Wait, R U an Indian?

    Want to know how I got it to know?

    EASY, See The Price of the game in Steam. It's in Rupees! 0:07

    edit Like if u found it!

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