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  1. ? Enter the giveaway here:
    All you have to do is like the video, subscribe & turn on notifications and enter the giveaway! Good luck. <3

  2. I honestly never thought I’d reach this milestone but things have been crazy for the past few months, this summer was probably the most fun even though I had no vacation at all – it felt amazing watching the community grow this big, reading all your comments that kept me going and being one of the fastest growing music channels in 2017, all of this was possible to your support so thank you for believing in the channel.

    I’ve been working on this giveaway for the past couple months and I’m happy that we’re finally announcing it – I’m sure loads of you will love it. Thank you for 500,000 – even though we’re over 600,000 already but I’m not complaining, thank you for your insane support. ♥

    In the next few weeks, we’ll be rebranding the channel with a brand new and fresh logo & layout with a bunch of other stuff – you’re NOT READY. A few of you might remember it from the last stream – I’m really excited to share it with you guys as soon as possible! Let’s keep growing as a community <3

  3. thank YOU for the good music ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. You got a lot of subscribers because You worked hard and that is a great thing for you I was just impressed at your song and lyrics edit I was just saying Wow wow wow ! I always went to your videos And looked at you songs and it evens match with the back ground You Get that sub's !!! ??

  5. And like why would someone wants to dislike your videos your videos are Hells lit ! THEN OTHERS ?❤❤❤ WE ALL LOVED YOUR VIDEO'S YOU DESERVE IT

  6. No matter if I win or not win I'm happy, because I love our family and it the best family on YouTube and Taz has been so genius to even buy these for us and give them away to us!! The really winner is Taz and I will always give love and support to this channel♥️

  7. Congratz taz!!
    Sadly enough im not part of the noti squad this Time (I was Sleeping ? it was 2 AM when you uploaded this)
    Im definitly joining the giveaway!

  8. #TazArmy | Thank you for your uploads. I can't remember a song on this channel that I never liked. Also I've never seen a channel with that big amount of subs, who actually really cares about it's subs. Everyone is amazing in the way they are. And you're amazing in this way! <3

  9. I'm actually quite happy with my gaming chair. Also I don't need headphones, because I got a headset. But I wish everyone the best of luck! <3

  10. Ok i might not be here from the beginning but everytime i go to youtube i open taz network and start listening because this is the only place i can listen to so many songs and you always add new songs everyday or so and thank you foe being there while i play games.

  11. The song is no better in word form because you can hear the English and Spanish very clear, and it's fast, too, but I still ? it!??

  12. 500k subs to 626k just two days man two days!

    i just wonna headphone that's all i don't have a snapchat sorry Taz 🙁 but im listening to your music every day!

  13. Hey congrats! hopefully you will reach 1MM this very year 😉 I wanted to ask, is the giveaway worldwide? I'm sharing as worldwide 😛

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