★ YouTube Copyright for Gamers – YouTube101, ep. 16 ★
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★ YouTube Copyright for Gamers – YouTube101, ep. 16 ★

August 23, 2019

If you’re a gamer and you’re planning on uploading
footage of your gameplay, you have a whole different set of rules to abide by. Remember
that each game publisher sets their own rules, so the rules for uploading Call of Duty are
going to be very different than the rules for uploading Pokemon. There’s a couple general
rules-of-thumb though. Number one is that game publishers don’t own the audio tracks
on their games. They usually contract to use commercial music, so you need to shut the
music off on your game so that that audio is not coming through on your channel. Secondly,
you actually have to comment while you’re playing on your video; you have to have an
alternate audio track instead of just the sound effects of the video oing through. Also
remember to remove the cut scenes; not only does that make your video longer than it needs
to be, but those are copyrighted and you cannot claim that you’re providing commentary on
those. So follow those rules and you should generally be okay with game plays.

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  1. In freedom™ we have position music which means i can use the advanced warfare background sound/music. So it's not a problem if you have rights through your partnership or Activision.

  2. This is why I stopped doing let's plays on big games. The cutscenes are what tie the story together most times. getting copyright on those cut scenes just made me lost my interest in YouTube LPs…now i just use Twitch.tv 

  3. What if a music producer released a "Free Download" song? For example, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTF5xgT-pm8 . I don't know whether or not to use it, but I'm sure he himself does not mind because it's a free download for god's sake. Copyright is applies to monetized content, as in paid music, correct?

  4. I've been uploading since 2011 and I got my first strike last December, very frustrating and no real help from the company I'm partnered with. Guess I'll wait til it removes itself in June.

  5. Really though, Jenna, in terms of copyrighted music in video games, I don't think gamers have to completely mute the audio. Most gaming channels that I know of still keep the sound effects and music while talking over it. But I believe as long as gamers turn the music down so it's not 95% audible, then it shouldn't be a big deal.

  6.  Another factor is that, for older games at least, the copyright for games, that were developed by the companies themselves, are in a really murky situation since quite a few of them have faced full on defunct status. This leaves quite a bit of the music in a bind since it may be owned by a single person(because they owned the company) or to unknown companies that may just be biding their time for situations like these.

  7. So, I've got a question, i don't need to ask the comercial copyrights from the game developers, and such things, i just use the youtube partnership or other networks and comment my video ?

  8. What about if you are doing gaming reviews rather than commentary? Isn't that considered fair use so long as you keep footage minimal and only use assets just enough to inform the consumer?

    I'm sure there's still going to be ContentID matches due to the automated nature of the system, and probably even copyright flags due to publishers just assuming everything is infringement but shouldn't those actions get overturned?

  9. Hey i have a question here.. if the developers of a game publicly stated in theyr Q&A:
    "Will you guys support streamers and youtubers when the game is released?

    Of course, we'd welcome any and all YouTube videos and streams you want to make of the game. Anything you want to do, have at it"
    is this meaning monetizing videos are also allowed right? 
    and if so, you say something about the music. if I use scenes from their "announcement trailer" for ex with the music, I have to ask for another permission from the composer or its enough with the one from the game.

  10. Umm I know this videos old but what do I do if I want to record Mario games or Lego games? Is there any restrictions or something?

  11. Thank you very much. That's actually reassured me quite a bit. I always panic when I get a claim when I thought I abided by fair use and worry that I'll get a strike when I dispute a claim. I disputed a claim on a video that had claimed audio and visual content from a game I played. I do believe it did not contain any copyrighted cutscenes but the game that was claimed was in fact correct. Although I did in fact commentate on the game with my audio being louder than the game audio, but some of the game audio still got recognised at parts. I'm assuming that this is just an automatic process though. I disputed the claim due to me believing this to be fair use of their content in terms of reviewing, commenting and criticism, and if their policy still stands that I can't monetise the video then I'll accept it.

  12. Uh, what about my gaming vids? They don't have any of my audio, but instead, i talk through text on-screen 🙂

  13. I'm a bit confused here… I watch this gamer called packattack04082 and he breaks every "rule" you said.For example, he created a Lego Star Wars Force Awakens walkthrough recently.He DID NOT mute the Star Wars music, Has no commentary, and left the cutscenes in there. Plus he's VERIFIED and earns money off his vids!Is he just a lucky rulebreaker or is he fine?

  14. I didn't know that you have to remove the cut-scenes in games. I have seen many lets play where the player is quiet during the cut-scene.

  15. if you're doing a reaction style commentary, could you claim that you're doing commentary over the cutscene? because that cutscene of the game could be important for the story. and without it, ruins the entire point of the video

  16. 0:45 I didn't get that, I'm sorry could you please explain? «Also remember to remove the cut scenes; not only does that make your video longer than it needs to be, but those are copyrighted and you cannot claim that you're providing commentary on those.»

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