Южная Корея Новости  от 12.03.17 ☯ Импичмент президента + Санкции Китая + Олимпиада 2018
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Южная Корея Новости от 12.03.17 ☯ Импичмент президента + Санкции Китая + Олимпиада 2018

November 16, 2019

Hello! My name is Marina. Let’s go to Korea? The annual “Spring Fever” on the Korean peninsula. North Korea launched 4 ballistic missiles in response to US large-scale exercises and South Korea. Seoul and Washington called it a provocation, and now think about how they will “put pressure” on Pyongyang. In Korea, by the way, already arrived THAAD (US) Strong “backfired” consent of the South Korean Lotte concern for providing the country’s Ministry of Defence land for the deployment of US missile defense THAAD battery. Now the group has become one of the main objects of the Chinese “economic pressure” any sanctions. China strongly opposed the deployment of US missile defense system in the South Korean peninsula. Already more than half of the Lotte shopping mall in China are closed. Under various pretexts, but closed. It stopped as joint confectionery factory, which Lotte China built together with the United States. I should buy some Korean sweets, before they gone. China has also imposed a ban on tours to South Korea due to the US missile defense “The most powerful economic sanctions in history”, – already referred to these actions in the newspapers. In my opinion, any economic sanction from China will be the most powerful. those. following the call for a boycott of Korean goods, the beginning of mass checks of all working Koreans in China, and other points of action. China is now gone to the prohibition of tourist trips to Korea. Incidentally Hallyu (Korean Wave) and k-pop, too, came under the sanctions. We will always hope that everything will be fine. By the way due to the US missile defense test, even on a volunteer in Korea has changed. Now the main question is not your experience, or your language skills? It’s what will you do in the Korean peninsula in the event of war? or an act of terrorism? Your actions? Poor volunteers. What they should answer? The positive news is that the “Incheon Airport named best in the world for the 12th time in a row” WOW! Who does not know what Incheon is? I’ll tell you! It is the main air harbor of South Korea. Which again, it was called the best. If you were not there, take a trip just to make sure. It’s true! Koreans have one more reason to be proud of its airport. What? Remember, January 12 Incheon Airport refused to serve Ban Ki-moon at the presidential category? For Korea, this is nonsense They refused to provide returns home to the former UN Secretary General ensuring the highest presidential discharge, although environment policy is to ask for such a service. in Korean style. partly it is very commendable, as is absolutely unexpected for the Korean company such behavior and obedience to elders They did not do anything wrong. We abide by the rules. But in Korea deny older who promise to be the next president of Korea. Well done boys! I believe in you! Well, about the presidency. As you’ve all probably heard in the morning March 10 Korea made its choice There was written a new page in the political history of the country For the first time on the basis of the legal procedure of impeachment from office ahead of the country’s president has been shot. Early presidential elections in the country will be held in early May. (Approximate date – 9 May) Cool. (May 9 in the Russian Federation the day of victory (World War II)) If you do not know somehow you were out here from all the news. So, I will briefly explain why and what happened. At the end of last year in South Korea broke a major scandal around the personal intervention of President girl friend in the administrative life of the country. Or rather in the public administration of the country and some corruption scandals. As well as other abuses of power. As a result, December 9, 2016 the parliament to impeach the president. The rally was so much. Well they it temporarily removed from power. Until the final decision of the court. Which took place March 10, 2017. I very much hope that the riots and demonstrations in the streets of Korea will end, and no longer will take away anyone’s lives. Another major news story that emerged from the presidential, it that conglomerate Samsung will cease to exist Hop! 없어 졌어요 (disappear) and be gone Well, not entirely true since. Just Samsung group management announced the launch radical reforms, which mean, that as a single conglomerate Samsung will cease to exist. It will be split into separate independent from each other company. Of course, this decision is largely a reaction to the political scandal surrounding the president. Even former president. Since the scandal was involved and senior management of the company Samsung. Not so long ago, by the way, he was arrested de facto head of the concern. As expected, the conglomerate will be divided into three main parts Such as Samsung Electronics, Samsung C & T, Samsung Life appropriate specialization each sphere It will be electronics, trade, construction, and financial direction. So, apparently, “Empire” will cease to exist. What is in no way affected the quality of these products. so do not worry. But will probably a little easier to get a job and for foreigners as well. Now let’s talk a bit about the sport, as in the next year, Korea certainly in the spotlight of any sporting event. … because, you forgot? There will have the Olumpics next winter. Let’s discuss the national team in biathlon South Korea. How are they to you? Beautiful Koreans, right? Already 4 biathlete from Russia gave up their Russian passports and became Korean. It won’t be easy for them to have theyr russian pasports back, after all. Ha-ha They will speak Korean until the end of life. And why? That’s because they have not been taken to the national team of the former ….country those. the Russian national team. But they wanted to participate in the competition, how can that be? Come to where the problem with the biathletes and offer their candidates. so welcome new Koreans. By the way, the reaction of Korea itself is not the most positive in this respect. the vast majority of Koreans games is said by Koreans, will represent “Blue-eyed, long-legged white” (sort should sound insulting). But not in russian. Sounds fine to me. So in Korean it’s a little insulting sounds. So how exactly it is seen Koreans western appearance. As you can see in the case of Korea “import” of foreign athletes in the country has already made massive. which of course causes grumbling in the ranks of the “real Koreans” They complain a lot, which of course, the country has a plan for the Olympics medal Well, if the officials of that country. Oh, and they do not want to lose face. But the scale of the naturalization of foreigners many seem redundant. You look at the hockey team. Even on the skaters. It seems that in Korea many of them. There already were not entirely Korean skaters. As they say “long-legged blue-white” They are not all blue-eyed, long-legged or, or white. According to the survey of the country, South Korea, this is not the best way affects the motivation of Korean athletes. who still hoped to gain experience at the Olympics. ” The way to the Olympics does not take a very large number of foreign volunteers replacing both the required number of robots. Therefore Pyeongchang officially translated into the Russian language will be robots. I want to direct this witness! How it will turn the mirror offers to pick up idioms and give us a similar description in Russian. oh it whould be so much fun! I volunteer myself then. No, I’ll have to contemplate upon when work off their volunteering at the Olympics. and by the way at the beginning of March in Korea was conducted the next poll (they like to conduct interviews) That showed that more than half of the country in Korea are NOT interested in Korean Olympics. And this is partly due to their naturalization of foreign athletes in the Korean national team. Certainly among those sports that are interested in Korea in the first place It’s figure skating It expects nearly 34% of the country. Not once, not enough. Then there are of course those sports where Korea has a little more likely to win. This short track and speed skating. Well about short track we know, thanks to Victor An. Every third Korean said that he did not understand at all winter sports. Or he is not interested in any of these sports. Even hockey. Although the Korean hockey team, too “leggy blue-white” That’s all the news for today. 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  1. Видео интересное, понравилось)))
    Но музыка на заднем фоне часто мешала ( громко…)

  2. замечательное видео)) столько всего происходит в последнее время, даже следить за всем не успеваешь. а тут посмотрел видео и сразу в курсе всех текущих событий)) спасибо за новости) надеюсь в будущем таких видео будет побольше)

  3. Мне очень понравилось! Интересно, информативно. А сарказм и шуточки просто ?????

  4. Где то читала, что Китай еще и игры корейские запрещать собрался)) Новости понравились) Спасибо за видео ^^!

  5. Вы такая милая)Все очень интересно и понятно, спасибо за видео:)

  6. Отличное видео. Спасибо за новости. Надеюсь в будущем таких видео будет побольше.

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    South Korea is the world’s 14th largest economy, yet an estimated 2.5 million dogs and thousands of cats are slaughtered each year and eaten as “health food”. S. Korea is the only country in the world in which dogs are bred solely for their meat. Eating dog meat does NOT have healthful benefits, bring luck or give virility to men.

    Forced to endure deprivation and unimaginable torment from the moment they are born until the day they are slaughtered; dogs are imprisoned in cramped, rusty, raised cages all their lives with no protection from extreme elements, and have no access to water, exercise, or medical care. They are tortured in the belief that suffering makes the meat taste better. Their eardrums are often burst to prevent them from barking. In broad daylight, often in front of other live dogs, they are electrocuted, hanged, beaten or burnt to death.

    If something like this goes on there, who knows what they do in North Korea! (Korea, China, Vietnam, Mexico and a handful of other countries still allow dog meat consumption.)

    If you go, do you know what you will be eating???

    Sign the Humane Society's petition and boycott the Olympics.

  8. Companies sponsoring the 2018 Winter Olympics and thus supporting dog meat farming in South Korea!

    Samsung, Coke, Alibaba, Bridgestone, Dow, McDonalds, Panasonic, P&G, Toyota, Visa, GE, Atos, Omega

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