Шестидневная охота на медведя с лайками в тайге севера. Hunting bears with dogs in taiga
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Шестидневная охота на медведя с лайками в тайге севера. Hunting bears with dogs in taiga

March 13, 2020

The truck obscures the whole review Greetings to a friend. We sail along the Ob River on a ferry. it takes 4 hours From Priobye to Andra. The barge floats to meet us, transports cars. Here is the area on which the bear was hunted. The berry grows here, but not much. Perhaps the bear ate in these places. The bear was hunted for half an hour. Everyone is happy, all well done. This is Likhoy All dogs did a good job today. The forest is so beautiful. Christmas trees. The fourth day of the hunt started to rain a little We are in search of a bear today one of the dogs barked at a squirrel Dogs should not bark at the squirrel. They are
wild boar hunting dogs from Belarus) Elk or bear? The beast is already at the swamp If this is an elk, then in the swamp he will run away from the dogs. There he is. Hold it. Well done.
-Anton did you shoot? Hurry up What is there? Have taken ? Yes, bear. I’m 300 meters from you From a distance, a bear growled. Big game. Dimon, you and I are now happy Not in vain we arrived. another hunter goes here well done well done I go to the beast. I already see dogs. No wonder we came to the north. -Let’s tie the dogs. -Anton, did you shoot? -Yes I The best moment for a shot at a bear. it can be seen that the dog is in front of
bear and prevents to shoot A split second passed, the dog shifted slightly to the left. The moment for the shot. Good bear. Congratulate me friend. You’re doing fine ! Do you understand that this is a bear? . Got it when I heard his roar We return from the hunt. The presence of the beast was not detected. Tired already. Dogs are still looking. they are hardy Come on Don. Each of the dogs ran 30 km. The sun came out. Beauty. Taiga leaving

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  1. Столько собак.! Тут грех медведя не взять. Целая свора


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