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November 16, 2019

Hello to all biathlon fans With you the developers of the game NGL Biathlon And in this video we will tell you about the tracks in the game that are now and about those that we are going to add in the future But before that, we will show you one new thing in the game which we did not discuss in the last video but which many subscribers asked to do We are talking about a mini-map that will be displayed in races and show the location on the track of the player and rivals Since such a function was in different games about biathlon that came out earlier, we decided that we should add it to the NGL Biathlon and therefore the addition of a mini-map is planned for the next update of our game In order to add mini-maps, it was necessary to draw them first and this task turned out to be more difficult than we initially thought All maps had to be drawn on the same scale so that the program could match the position of the player on the track with the position of the point in the picture And since at first there was no clear plan for how to do this we had to redraw the images twice but in a few hours we had 9 mini-maps for each track of the game ready Now let’s talk about the locations that are now available in NGL Biathlon, and also about what tracks will appear in the future and when they will be added to the game Those who were subscribed to us before the first alpha version remember this picture, where each stadium is marked with its own colors This is done in order to diversify the game world and give each track its own specific design This is manifested in the color of the borders on the tracks and in the buildings in the stadium By the way, you may have noticed that the fences on the tracks are also different For example, in Annecy and Kontiolahti they are solid and in Antholz and Pokljuka are lined up As you already understood, this is also done for a change In addition to the use of different colors and architecture the tracks in NGL Biathlon vary greatly in trajectory and terrain this can be seen from the pictures of mini-maps each location has its own characteristics, let’s look at them in more detail Italian Antholz – the very first track that is available in the game it appeared in the very first alpha version, which was released in the summer of 2018 In Antholz there is no very difficult terrain and hard climbs but its main feature is the winding part in the middle of the track Despite the fact that the slopes are gentle, by the end of this stretch a lot of endurance is spent due to the fact that each elevation has to be accelerated and the descents there are very short and the athlete almost never rest Kontiolahti, Finland this track was also available from the very first version of the game and many participants noted its complexity, since there are two difficult climbs on the track But the main feature that distinguishes Kontiolahti from other tracks is the bridge at the stadium At the beginning of the race, athletes drive under it and before the firing line, they cross the bridge German Oberhof is one of the fastest tracks in the game Despite the fact that the length of the distance it differs not much the uphills in it are quite short and they almost always accelerate to a maximum There is no place to save the forces here, therefore athletes with good speed characteristics win Annecy in France despite the apparent simplicity is actually quite a difficult track This is especially felt on the second climb, when you play a race with 4 shootings But in general, the design of the track and the architecture on it are made in bright colors to convey the atmosphere that usually happens during the World Cup in France Objectively, the hardest track in the game is the Norwegian Holmenkollen The relief is made there so that the uphill behind the uphill destroys the athlete’s endurance It is very important to correctly distribute the forces, because if you do not do this, then it is likely that you will walk on the last lap Tyumen is currently the only map from Russia that appeared from the second alpha version of the game and according to the polls in our VKontakte group, is the most popular in NGL Biathlon The terrain in Tyumen is average – there are no deadly rises, as in Holmenkollen but still this route does not allow to forget about endurance and you need to count the strength Slovenian Pokljuka, as well as Annecy, is made in bright colors and the relief feature of this route is that almost the entire circle of athletes snake up in a big climb, and at the end move down to the stadium on a long descent, where you can recover strength for finish acceleration Here it is also important not to forget about endurance, since the constant rise is exhausting On the track in the German Ruhpolding there are no sharp turns and twisted trajectories but on this route there is the fastest downhill of all the others in NGL Biathlon, and after this downhill there is a long uphill, which can quite compete with Holmenkollen uphills Therefore, Ruhpolding can well be considered one of the most difficult tracks in the game About the Swedish Ostersund, the players had a lot of questions when it appeared in Alpha-3 In Ostersund, a very simple terrain and it was really easy to win there But with the release of Alpha-4, we changed something in the algorithm of the bots on this track and now they run in Ostersund faster By the way, the World Biathlon Championships will be held in Sweden this year As you understand, there are still many tracks that can be added to the NGL Biathlon In December, we conducted a survey in our VKontakte group, which route most users would like to add to the game Then Hochfilzen won by a large margin, perhaps because the World Cup stage was held there, during the voting In the comments we are also offered to make a lot of different locations and at least six of them we will definitely make future versions of the game Guess what? Sure, there will be Austrian Hochfilzen, who won the vote Many asked to add the Sochi Olympic track to the game – we will work on it too Salt Lake City USA – there will be a World Cup this season, so we should add it too We will do the Korean Phenchan – the capital of the last Olympics Czech Nove Mesto, where the World Cup stages take place every year And one more North American track – Canadian Canmore Well, now let’s go back to where we started this video – to the minimap because we have not yet demonstrated it in action Now the mini-map looks like this in the game So far this is its test location on the screen, we will test whether it is convenient and also, of course, we are waiting for your comments about where to place the map on the screen Now we are playing a mass start and at the beginning of the race everyone is tight so the points on the map are hard to see let’s rewind the race forward, when the athletes have already more or less stretched along the track Now the points on the map are clearly distinguishable, and here we see that these points are of different colors The athlete for whom we are playing is marked in red Those athletes who ride behind are black and those who win from us are white Mini-map, as we have said, will be in the next update, which will be released in February But the tracks will have to wait a little longer – most likely they will not be in alpha 5 yet, we will release them in other later updates And it also means that you can suggest in the comments the tracks that you want to add to the NGL Biathlon and it is possible that the track that you propose will be in the official version of the game Like this video if you are up for adding new tracks And subscribe to our YouTube channel so you won’t miss the game updates Thank you for watching! See you!

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  1. Добавьте несколько трасс в игру
    1.Арбер (Германия)
    2.Душники-Здруй (Польша)
    3.Риднау (Италия)
    4.Чейле Градистей (Румыния)
    5.Идре (Швеция)
    6.Осрблье (Словакия)
    7.Мартелл (Италия)
    8.Бейтостолен (Норвегия)
    9.Уват (Россия)
    10.Обертиллиах (Австрия)

  2. Вы там наверное мысли читаете. Только хотел спросить про новые трассы, как тут же видос)

  3. Мне кажется, что лучше мини карту расположить в Правом нижнем углу. А так идея очень хорошая:)

  4. Показ стрельбы( таблицу спортсменов). Финиш с флагом. Болельщиков как в biathlon 2006. Сделайте больше штрафной круг. А так, cпасибо за за игру! Вы лучшие.Здоровья и удачи вам в вашем творчестве

  5. Расположите мини карту в правом верхнем углу а есть карта ханты Мансийска?

  6. Кстати, извините, играю недавно, хотел спросить про болельщиков, почему их нет?)

  7. Пишем в комментариях свою любимую трассу в игре!
    Write your favorite track in NGL Biathlon! 🙂

  8. я когда еду по трассе, мне как-то скучно, попробуйте сделать 5-7 людей (зрителей) и расставьте их на трассе, ну и тренеров сделайте по трассе и на стрельбище. Если это сделаете, то будет гораздо приятней и атмосфернее играть. Не знаю сложно это сделать или нет. Но в лучшем случае добавьте звук шума болельщиков.

  9. Добавьте несколько новых биатлонистов в игру
    1.Роман Елетнов (Беларусь)
    2.Сергей Бочарников (Беларусь)
    3.Антон Смольский (Беларусь)
    4.Дмитрий Абашев (Беларусь)
    5.Яна Бондарь (Украина)
    6.Мария Кручова (Украина)
    7.Юлия Журавок (Украина)
    8.Филипп Нарват (Германия)
    9.Александр Поварницын (Россия)
    10.Лариса Куклина (Россия)
    11.Дмитрий Лазовский (Беларусь)
    12.Никита Лобастов (Беларусь)
    13.Байба Бендика (Латвия)
    14.Томас Каукенас (Литва)

  10. в игре есть 1 большой минус(стрельба)точнее сказать не механика, а сам прицел. Жду с ни терпением переработки винтовки. а так все топ. а если по предложениям, хотел бы увидеть улучшение графики. желаю вам удачи!

  11. Мини-карту в Нижний правый угол
    Добавьте награждение
    Зрителей и тренерскую бригаду
    Индикатор стрельбы соперника (как они стреляют)

  12. Вы просто супер!!! Спасибо вам что не останавливаетесь и продолжаете развивать игру!!! Желаю вам успехов и сделать самую топовую игру про биатлон!!!

  13. Сделайте суперспринт-это новая дисциплина в биатлоне,пожалуйста!

  14. Нужно би добавить людей читсто моё мнение так лутше и оптимизацию

  15. Наши любимые разработчики радуют нас хорошей игрой и видео а давайте порадуем их лайком и подпиской, Разработчики я думаю вы знаете что нету трассы в Украине но можете пожалуйста сделать какую-нибудь трассу из Украины просто я Украинец и я был бы рад 🙂 (Трассу любую из кубка Украины например) А да кстати сделайте когда будет режим карьеры новогоднюю гонку

  16. И да кстати было бы круто если бы когда пробежал гонку можно было бы посмотреть её за зрителя

  17. Добавьте мини-турниры в режимах турниры и карьеры,пожалуйста!

  18. Добавьте несколько биатлонистов в следующую версию игры
    1.Роман Елетнов (Беларусь)
    2.Сергей Бочарников (Беларусь)
    3.Мартин Понсилуома (Швеция)
    4.Александр Поварницын (Россия)
    5.Антон Синапов (Болгария)
    6.Антон Смольский (Беларусь)
    7.Томас Каукенас (Литва)
    8.Робертс Слотиньш (Латвия)
    9.Дмитрий Лазовский (Беларусь)
    10.Сергей Корастылев (Россия)
    11.Наталья Гербулова (Россия)
    12.Байба Бендика (Латвия)
    13.Каролина Питон (Польша)
    14.Кинга Збилут (Польша)

  19. Very nice video and thanks again for the subtitles!
    I'm really looking forward to the next versions of the game I really appreciate your great work!
    Maybe one suggestion: Is it possible that you can add the players name over the head of the athletes during the race? Especially when more athlethes with the same racing suit occur it's quite pretty hard to differ them.

  20. Крутяк!
    Моя любимаю трасса в Сочи, а в игре Контиолахти 🙂

  21. На рекламных щитках на финише в Эстерсунде написаны имена разработчиков?

  22. По-моему в игре многовато украинцев, добавьте американцев у них тоже были и есть хорошие биатлонисты

  23. Придумайте и добавьте украинскую трассу Буковель, кто за ставим лайки

  24. Первая миникарта на карате инопланетянена похожа, 7-ая на рыбу), 9 на петуха?

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