ТЕХНІКА ВІЙНИ №80. Чорні берети. Танковий біатлон [ENG SUB]
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ТЕХНІКА ВІЙНИ №80. Чорні берети. Танковий біатлон [ENG SUB]

November 18, 2019

Anton Duhnovsky translation War Technologies Today we’re not open themes, announced last week. But performance will be even more efficient After moment you will know: What waits armed vehicles Dozor-B and his lacks? Which helicopter given to police for keeping? Who wrestle victory at tank biathlon in Germany? How many weights new dry ration French army specialists? And what stratosphere maximum of plane Solar Stratos? Black beret – not possible to take at store by gain. He needs merit, wining ownself not once. Daily in ATO marines pass psycho obstacle path, as over height stage on this path Right to wear honored attribute for fist reaches even military chaplain. How this occurs – watch next. Marines – its closed elite club. Tradition to fight right for wearing black beret same holy and ancient, as itself marines of Ukraine. Among marines even promotion to compose oath – its already advance. On emblem marine, drawn anchor, sword and wings. Same, these three elements: water, land and air may conquer matross to have right of wear black beret. In whole marines pass 6000m on cross land with sand and swampy ground. At start group of 15-20 man forcing water barrier. Helm, vest, ammo and gun – binds. Circs max close to combat. Few imitational explosions. Than 50m paunching under barb wire. No one from pretends don’t know how far to go and its all ends. Instructors no sparring forces, do all, to must infantry retreat. Any wiles counts there sing of pagan tone and simply unobjective. All armor vests – with plates, and magazines of guns equipped full ammo. Allowed only help from mate, who may take gun of weaker. Cause passing obstacles path – probation front all on ability to work in team, be one integer, intelligently done placed task not individual, but in cast of group. Leaving companion – restricted, Otherwise, probation considered failed. Nor swamp. Nor water. Nor building full of smoke. Not even trap… Shall not stop marine. Man you’re or woman, meaningless. Circumstances for all same. For short period of time behind left few water obstacles and soon group come sea beach. Some thought that it’s a finish, but final heavily exercise forward. Anew barb wire, dream sea and timber kg of 300. To chest in water proceed to carry 200m. This one examine, for which, females not allowed. After more than 5km whole obstacles path with 20kg of wet equipment, forces on such exam not left. There help only stamina spirit and trusted shoulder of companion. Final 100m marines overcome proudly with smiles on faces, with flag of their battalion. Firstly after overcoming obstacle path each receive from hands of commander dreamed black beret. Ends ritual of hollow ceremonial oath of marine. They pledged carry on their shoulders any weight of army service, pledge never surrender and never leave fallen companion on abuse to enemy, pledged fight to last drop of blood. Both houses US Congress accept law about budget assignations on this year. According to them programs of supporting Ukraine financed minimum on 560M $. Law gets validity after signing of president Trump. There news starts digest of events in weaponry sphere of world. 9-12 of may in Istanbul provided international expo of war vehicles I-Def-2017. She collects 818 weapon smith companies from 74 states. State concern «Ukroboronprom» was performed by 20 military enterprises. In Turkey ukranian delegates agreed mutual with Turkey manufacturing of ammo and drones. State concern «Antonov» and factory 410 of civil aviation reorganized in public auctioneer associations. Decision, made by Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine, may advantage the growth of production, modernize facility, activate science job and for providing new projects. In Harkov on base of war faculty National technical university “HPI” renew Institute of tank armies. This initiative supports by Minister of defense Stepan Poltorak in hour of dispute with local heads and presentatives of state concerns by defense complex of region. Police of Kiev for protection of publicity in festival days, received helicopter Robinson R-44 Raven II. Crew of airship consist 2 pilots. His max speed 240km/h. Also to rightguards send situational cars, consist equipment of observation synchronized with data base. By results of research tests in Airborne armed cars Dozor-B gets few disadvantages, which retrieve in Harkov constructional bureau. In present 10 lvivian models return on modernization of noise isolation, coolers and hermetisation. In closes two years planned to release 40 cars in Lviv and Harkov. This week with time of Day of memory and reconciliation and Day of victory over nazis there was autorun of war vehicles WWII. Technique ride by such cities of Donbas like: Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, Pokrovsk, Volnovaha, Mangush. Initiated event Harkiv tech club «Samohid» associated with chemistries of city Краматорська. In France developing dry ration for elite units. He replace previous – R-sir. Weigh of new ration from 1,5 to 1,8 kg. Food packed with special lamina, which saves products at +55 degree Celsius. Apart standard composition, planned muslim but pork American company Daniel Defense starts serial production of silencers DD Wave, which printed by 3D. Product set with quick mounted attachment for different tread pitches. Cost of one – 1100$. Also, in USA now prodused and sold 3D printed silencers Brevis II of company Delta P. Government of Latvia decides to build at border with Kaliningrad oblast wall lengths 44,6km & 2m high. Wire fence got additional equipment & finished at this year ends. Price of project, which funded from state budget, over 1.3M €. Ministry of defense of Latvia signed contract on sending 47 SPA M-109A5OE. Earlier this arts was operated by Austria in 2003-2007 came through modernization. To tell, daily in Latvia came military technique of Canada, which send in frame of program expansion in presence of forces NATO. Stratosphere plane SolarStratos made first flight on high 300m. His work high will be 25km. Experimental orbital plane X -37B Test Vehicle-4 landed on cape Canaveral after two years secret space travel. And company Sikorsky demonstrates 2nd stage working of system automatization ALIAS, developed together with DARPA. In time of war games in Japan sea do not walk over ship of Navy USA and South Korean fishing ship. No wounded. 1st of may at shipyard Ingalls Shipbuilding launches LHA-7, amphibious assault ship Tripoli for Navy USA. And in Portugal launched 3rd patrol ship type Viana do Castelo. Till now enough loud done tank biathlons in Russia, where they drown and turn over. Nough, masters, no else to say! Year ago in Europe decided to choose best panzer platoons. This year invited Ukraine. Thanks to video from Agency of communication with citizens our Armed Forces got, what to show You … International competition tank organizations of armies members of NATO «Strong Europe» in many nations format was founded last year. They initiated by commandment of Armed Forces USA in Europe and Commandment of Land troops army FRG. Directly on germanys proving Grafenwöhr they take place form 10 to 12 april 2016. Gold gets Germany, silver – Denmark, and third became Pollands. This year to elite club invited ukrainians, who at Donbas gets not whatever experience Our platoon from tank battalion of 14th brigade not for first time wrest honorable name best tank platoon AFU. It was done in 2013 and repeated yet in last year. Most boys served in army before war and passed combats in ATO. From 2014 fight in Rubigne, Lisichansk, Marinka, Krasnogorivka (cities of Donetsk and Luhansk obast), elsewhere. There’re such elements, like cooperation in organization, cooperation of crew, combat experience. So we overhead on this level at them. This year battles of panzers last from 7 to 12 of may with participation of four states members of NATO and partners of Alliance – Ukraine and Austria. Also watch by «Strong Europe» delegates of armies Norway, Italy, Belgium and Greece. From six types of tanks-challenger, ukrainian lightest got major caliber and useful modernizations. Rest of panzers armed with 120mm barrels and by battle weight placed in suh order. Austrian Leopards – over 55 tonnes, and French Leclerk for two tonnes heavier them. American Abrams weight over 61tonnes, Polish Leopards – 62. Major mass can show up crew of German* Leopards 2А6. Investigate machines in details may be able in day of «opened hatches», after ceremony of opening tank biathlon. Before start of competition organizators let all competitors look up tech of opponents. Notable agiotage claims ukranian Т-64. There is no wonder, cause most of foreign tank pilots haven’t seen our tank live. This tank is very compact, practical, simple and I like it Before competition traditionally observation with land, methodical exercises on obstacles path and elements. Further – leading gun to normal combat and test shots. Every team got four main tanks and one – reserve. May assure you in 100 percent our readiness to fire and strike on range up to 4km. Competition for first in aimed shots from tank barrels and us awaits success in it. After complete first element, ours full of optimism. They lead combat shots in offense, and crew of USA was in defense. Test drives by rules were none – already examination. Most organizations, who take part in this challenge, they are not first time take part there. But our platoon first time, in unknown place, without right on any kind trainings so all done by only chanse. Second part of tank biathlon – shots from service guns. Volynians armed with handguns Fort. First doing exercise from lying position, from knee, standing, ends commander from turret. I liked it, self impression from effects. Much positive and I seem got what to bring home, in our armed forces and some special gift from that. But by this individual elements not finished. Forward every crew member got also pass special obstacle path and sport relay. That starts first crew makes first round and returns. Only then begins the next movement fighting vehicle Its not tourney of arms industry, but only models of vehicles. Its idea to choose best tank platoon. And not important, taking part on Т-64, Leoard, Leclerk, Abrams. It’s a test on knowledge of whole platoon, like one mechanisme. Also at Strong Europe Tank Challenge-2017 estimate doing such elements of combat work, like driving of tank and his evacuation calling fire support, definition range to target and its identification, activity in circumstances of use of WMD, tactical medicine and evacuation of injured I’ll tell: our crews showed enough good special preparedness, especially at hitting and fire-rate. We need work more on communication. Exactly language barrier – obstruction not to take first place. On tank biathlon «Strong Europe-2017» important not only shot straight so keep it in time. Cooperation of teams and union in acts every member of crew – main goal of tourney platoons on best panzer of world. And this became leaders in Austria, Germany and the USA. Ukrainians were 5 steps, ahead of Poles All series of program may see at site of 24 channel and youtube Warfare television Ukraine. Few of them already with English subtitles. So watch. To find all parts of programm with english subtitles – search in Youtube: TV Show “War Technologies”

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  1. Приємно дивитись, як підвищують фах Збройні сили. Народ вас підтримує, хлопці!

  2. Танковий біатлон скінчився? Чи буде більш детальна програма про це змагання?

  3. Зважаючи на те, що виступали вперше і на Т-64БВ, обігнавши поляків на Леопардах 2А4 — достойний результат. Це при тому, що виступали танки, які у більшості рейтингів у першій п'ятірці найкращих у світі — Абрамс, Леклерк та Леопард. Цікаво було б поглянути скільки балів ми набрали і який розрив між місцями. Надіюсь, наступного разу поїдемо туди на БМ"Оплот" і тоді як мінімум призова трійка нам гарантована.

  4. у нас е т80 модарнізовании унас іе увіиськах і шустріщий від т 64

  5. расскажите про тактическую стрельбу в нашей армии https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_tcuL-wCLM#t=281.956197

  6. также неплохо было если б вы в одной из программ или сделали отдельную рубрику обучения для наших граждан украины которые по каким то причинам не пошли в армию ну желают знать как стрелять (обучающие видео НА українській мові) про Правила прицеливания с автомата АК,Обучение скоростной стрельбе из автомата по движущейся цели АК,Правильная изготовка для стрельбы лежа из АК,Интуитивная стрельба из пистолета и автомата, {в качестве 1080p hd} вот пример видео https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4LbsDd56Ds
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJorzkA1n9g P.S :также билоб норм показывать такое в школе на уроках ДПЮ

  7. ДЕ НАШ ЄДИНИЙ ВИСТАВКОВИЙ ОПЛОТ?Чи його рекламування міжнародній спільноті не входить у так звані державні інтереси?

  8. Який нах танковий біатлон ? Strong Europe Tank Challenge, і тільки так. БІатлон то в диких краях на півночі. Час уже зрозуміти різницю.

  9. Язиковий бар'єр. І тут все зрозуміло…………………………………………

  10. дарма лягавим дали гелікоптер, ще розібють, а використовувати будуть точно не на благо народу!

  11. а для чого перекладати і озвучувати поляків? можна було б субтитри дати, перекладайте і озвучуйте краще російськомовних!

  12. 80 ювілейний випуск, вітаю!
    Чорні берети – майже спецура, вражений. До цього чув те саме.
    Стосовно танків. На озброєнні у нас Т-64, Т-72 (здебільшого трофейні) Т-80, Т-84, це з тих що приймають участь у АТО, і БМ Оплот. Якби ж Оплоти були на озброєнні 4-5 років, і тільки Оплоти, то потужнійсть війська була б іншою. І на біатлоні було б хлопцям цікавіше. Маємо що маємо, і мусимо дякувати тим, хто з Т-64 витискає все що можливо.

  13. объясните пож. почему на канале идёт постоянный пиар мор.пехоты,неужели в элите такой некомплект,что кроме пропаганды онной туда людей не призовешь?

  14. Чому різниця в тиру танків? В деяких ЗМІ українскі танки, учасники змагань, вказуються як Т-64 БМ Булат.

  15. 40 машин за два года ? – вижу деньги приходуются как нужно, рассказали бы про минометы молот в стоимость 480.000 грн. за штуку

  16. Оптимальна тривалисть випуску,має тривати,не менш ніж 25хв…КЛАСНА ПРОГРАМА…СЛАВА УКРАЇНІ

  17. всі танки інших країн набагато тяжчі але все ж швидші, без автомату заряджання але швидше стріляють. якщо вони(екіпажі) проходили ато то на це можна списати провал в стрільбі з пістолету. коротше кажучи перед тим як іти туди потрібно було хоча б з рік нормально по тренуватися в потрібних дисциплінах. і тут мимоволі находжу на думку "чому не готувалися як треба?". чому вони просто не залізли в гугл і не пошукали що було в минулому році? як би боляче не було патріотам, але ви змушені визнати, що наша армія навіть з бойовим досвідом гірше організована і підготована ніж частини країн які доволі давненько вже не воювали. головне тут зміни яких досі не відбувається. а в цілому можу лише привітати з участю в такому ділі. хлопці отримали досвіт такий який вони навряд би отримали у нас вдома і за тридцять років.

  18. почему оплот не взяли или нет на вооружении этих танков?

  19. Клятву дважды не дают!Морская пехота,вы наша сила!Наша гордость!Наша слав!Слава Героям!

  20. Визуально Т-64 почти в 2 раза меньше по сравнению с этими танками

  21. в настоящем, фронтальном бою, танк живет семь минут. И фсе…

  22. Если бы мы были на наших БМ Оплот, то были в тройке однозначно, но даже то что наши ребята обошли поляков на Советском танке Т-64БВ, это очень достойный результат!

  23. Чому Т64БВ поіхали на змогання а не Т64БМ Булати, які э у ВСУ та вони кращі?

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