Охота на коронавирус. Hunting for coronovirus.

March 24, 2020

Hi, everybody. Coronaviruses, and there are many of them, are winter viruses. That is, cold-resistant, cold-loving. A large spread and development of coronavirus occurs at low air temperatures. For example, the outbreak in Wuhan began in December at a daytime temperature of 11 degrees. But I found out much later. And my search for the truth began with the fact that I went to the village store and got into a conversation with the saleswoman. After all, they write that the virus dies at 27 degrees, she says. And a man has 36.6 in his body, so why does he live? I joked that the virus probably has radiators. But the next morning I was struck by the thought, but really, how does it cool down to a comfortable temperature? And cooling occurs due to ventilation of the infected person’s lungs when breathing cool air. The question arose, what should be the air temperature when inhaling, so that the virus would feel uncomfortable? Since I was at work, where there is no fast Internet, I called my wife and asked her to send me a map of global air temperatures and a map of the spread of the virus on the planet. When I opened the map I understood everything, and my wife became my loyal assistant for collecting information. Again, I was at work, or rather already in the fields where there is no Internet in principle. So, the maps showed the following. Where the air temperature was about plus 23-25 degrees, the number of outbreaks of the disease was minimal. And on the contrary, where the temperature ranged from 10 to 15 degrees, there were mass lesions of coronavirus. When I got home, I started digging. It turns out that viruses feel most comfortable at temperatures from 30 to 34 degrees. Under these conditions, it begins to actively reproduce and throws millions of its fellows into the environment. When the temperature increases, the breeding activity decreases. But the body is 36.6 degrees, you say. In the body, Yes, but in the lungs it is much less. And the lower the ambient temperature, the lower the air temperature in the human lungs. There is a table of these temperatures. I don’t need to look for it myself.
Naturally, I shared my guesses with anyone I could. They wrote different things. For example that the virus does not die at 40 degrees but only at 50. Some wrote that you need 100 degrees. But I had a Foundation to build on. If there is a fever, the virus does not develop. For myself, I have established this fact as an unbreakable axiom. Well, that would reduce the number of introductions. That’s what mathematicians and physicists do. You can even put obviously incorrect facts as unbreakable and true. This also helps. I digress, friends, let’s move on. Or maybe you don’t need to destroy the virus, maybe you just need to stop its reproduction? And the virus that got into the body will be destroyed by the immune system? The optimal temperature regime for virus propagation may depend on the temperature of the previous cultivation. It is known, for example, that the so-called “cold” versions of viruses reproduce better at lower temperatures . For example, our cold coronavirus flies into the lungs and enters the cell with its legs. Poisons it with products of vital activity and gives a million offspring, which in turn does the same thing affecting more and more lung cells. The immune system fails and the person dies. Before the fatal outcome, the patient turns into a walking factory for the production of coronavirus. And so on the chain. Now raise the temperature of the inhaled air, well, for example, to 25 degrees. The temperature in the human lungs will increase due to the temperature of the body and reach a level at which the virus will not be able to reproduce. Immunity will safely destroy the alien and as if this is the end of the fairy tale about the coronavirus. Everything is working out at its best, except for coronavirus outbreaks in warm countries. They are few but they are there. Why? Yes, everything is simple, air-conditioned. Artificially created human conditions in which the coronavirus lives and thrives. Right or wrong, the map is my witness. There are lots of doubts. Did no one see a direct link between the changing seasons and the development of viral diseases? The H1N1 09 pandemic virus is popularly known as” Mexican”,” Mexican flu”,” Mexican swine flu”,”North American flu”. A pandemic of a new strain of influenza virus that began in March−April 2009, infecting many people in Mexico city, other regions of Mexico, and parts of the United States. It caused complications, most of which were pneumonia. On may 3, 2009, Mexican health Minister Jose angel Codrova announced that the peak of the swine flu epidemic had passed. And who started putting together the results on August 28, 2009. Autumn came and the flu began to gain momentum. The epidemic officially ended on August 10, 2010. Again In August. Interestingly, who did not recommend restricting the movement of people, as well as organizing quarantine control at points of arrival. These measures are inefficient and economically impractical. The Spanish flu or” Spanish flu ” Pandemic of 1918-1919 was the worst in recent history. “Spanish flu” was caused by the H1N1 virus of avian origin, but how and where it originated is unknown. The CDC estimates that 500 million people (a third of the world’s population) have suffered from the disease. The victims of the pandemic were between 50 and 100 million people, or between 2.7 and 5.3% of the world’s population. The 1918 flu was accompanied by severe pneumonia and fluid build-up in the lungs. On March 11, 1918, one of the first officially confirmed cases of “Spanish flu”was recorded in the United States. The peak of morbidity and mortality in the world occurred in the fall of 1918, and not in the winter, as expected by doctors. The Spanish war ended in the winter of 1918. In 1997, the US army Institute of molecular pathology (AFIP) obtained a sample of the 1918 H1N1 virus from the corpse of a native Alaskan woman buried in permafrost 80 years ago. This sample allowed scientists to recreate the gene structure of the 1918 virus in October 2002. The virus of the same H1N1 serotype caused the “swine flu” pandemic in 2009.
These two worst epidemics started in the spring and ended either in late summer or winter. And their peaks were either in the fall or in the spring. It is clear that I simplify to impossible, but I will not be able to describe all the factors in detail in a short video. I take the obvious match.
And why did someone decide that the coronavirus would behave differently? Yes, it started in China in December, but if you take into account the temperature at which it occurred, then this is our March and April. They also wrote to me, Zheka why such a panic. There are only 249,000 sick people, this is a show-off!!! In other words, we are talking about the danger of the situation in General. They say it is not as dangerous as it is painted. Well, then explain to me why the 10 million city of Wuhan suddenly froze. Not a soul on the streets. Can you imagine that? You take the road in the village for an hour block, immediately get on the bonehead. The terrible rural flow of cyclists and grandmothers is unstoppable. But Wuhan has become. Ukraine. Closing of shops, cafes and schools. And most importantly, the metro! When was the last time the metro was stopped and closed? You don’t know? And I know, but I don’t need to, look for it yourself. So who’s panicking? And what do you think, if you take what I said, do our authorities know that the virus will go down in the summer? Do they know that coronavirus is a cold-loving virus? Do they know that to prevent infection, it is necessary to raise the air temperature in medical institutions, institutions and homes of citizens? Do they know that the coronavirus appeared in Wuhan at an air temperature of 11 degrees, and the decline of the disease began with the onset of heat. At the moment, the weather in China is warm. Even I would say hot. 22-25 degrees during the day. After all, all the information is on the surface. I found it all within a few hours. Do you think they know all this? Hundreds of thousands of people are afraid, sick, and dying. What is the way out for us friends? The first, of course, is to wait for summer. Summer will show whether I’m right or wrong. If you get sick, don’t wait for the vaccine, it won’t be available. If you want to survive, breathe hot air and a course of antibiotics. Support the immune system with vitamins. Maybe my advice won’t help, but there is no other cure. For healthy people, try to avoid unnecessary contacts and stay at home. Heat your home to 25 degrees. Surface disinfection. And again, after outings for food, hot air inhalation ( breathing over potatoes or a bath). But the badge, people do not burn the lungs, and then it will be as in the saying. So that’s it for me. I will only say that this is my personal opinion and you should not reproach me. I’m not a virologist or a doctor, I’m just a person like you. Trying to survive. All bye.

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