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November 17, 2019

Hey everyone!
It’s Dred here, as usual. And today we have this cool
sword, called the “Greatsword,” from the
game Dungeon Hunter 5. Let’s go! As I’ve mentioned a few times in
the past: Game developers sometimes commission real-world versions
of items from their games. They use them for giveaways or throw
them on the wall at the office. And the designers of this
game were no exception. Since the game was created
for Android and iOS users, it wasn’t quite possible to get a
complete, high-quality model. So I needed the help of a
friend who’s a 3D modeler to do the design work
from the very beginning and provide a detailed
3D model of the sword. I’m not quite sure
how he does it… but he really knows
what he’s doing! I’m going to make this
sword using a CNC machine, as well as a 3D-printer—just because
I have only 4 days to get it all done. Yes, today will be my most technically
demanding crafting project ever, given the machines
and 3D printers. I don’t view this as a negative, because
it’s good to know how to use that stuff too. After creating the 3D model of the
sword, I put all the part data in ArtCAM. This is an application for creating
control programs for CNC machines. I put in the parameters of the cutting
tool, or more precisely, the miller. I’ll use the CNC to cut
the base of the sword, its hilt, and the smaller
blades for the edges. I chose MDF for the material,
since it’s easy to process. I’ll just have to glue a few plates together
for the base of the sword and the hilt, since their heights are 28
mm and 50 mm for each half. While our glue’s drying,
let’s have a look at Dungeon Hunter 5! A game where you’ll
need to choose between taking on a brave warrior’s
journey of revenge, and becoming a
ruthless bounty hunter. The cool graphics and character animations
make the adventure feel extra real. Pursue monsters, dark magicians
and villains through 90 missions. There are 1,000 equipment
items: armor, swords, sabers, and crossbows
are all at your disposal! You’ll be able to cast hundreds
of spells and rule the elements. The game’s easy-to-use
controls will allow you to pull off all kinds
of complicated tricks. Build and protect your castle. Unite with other warriors. You’ll not only need
their help in multiplayer, but also in the solo
missions and RPG campaigns. You’ll find the link to
the game in the description below—along with a little
extra something for you too! So let’s start cutting the details.
To avoid overloading the machine, I set the cutting
speed to 3 cm/second. In all, if you include the preparations,
the cutting process took me about 15 hours, but it was worth it. This level of quality is achieved by
using a cutter that’s 1.5 mm in diameter. You can see some rough spots,
but those can be sanded down. This is actually a piece of MDF, and after being sanded,
it’s still rough at the edges. I decided to cut the sword’s
base and hilt using a 3 mm cutter to save some time—and as you can see,
the results were still really good. So after 15 hours of nonstop
cutting, we have these details— and that’s only half the process.
Now we need to sand these using sandpaper that’s at least 150 grit to get
rid of the roughness on the MDF. After the preliminary sanding,
we can glue all the details together. The sword’s base and hilt are also
sanded using the 150-grit sandpaper, and after that we put one
layer of car primer on them. This layer is an indicator and will show us all
the small faults. The sword base, the
face, the hilt and the topper were all printed
using the 3D printer. I used APT plastic made by RE. To tell you the truth, I still don’t
really get the fourth axis on my CNC, which is why I decided
to print them instead. The worst is yet to come… We sand the 3D details,
put them together and put primer on them. It’s just the one layer
again to see the faults. So the primer is dry now, and we can put all the base
parts together with the hilt, and start sanding the edges. Before installing the hilt,
I glue the face with the crown in place. I used an epoxy
adhesive for that. “Now for something else!” Picturesque locations for solo
campaigns and multiplayer… from the gloomy dungeons
of the fractured kingdom of Valenthia,
to the forgotten barbarian outposts… Weekly action and legendary
hunts give you the chance to emerge
victorious over the Bosses, the dungeons’ most powerful creatures,
and thereby earn exclusive equipment. So, climb to the top of the ranks,
since winners get incredible rewards. Download Dungeon
Hunter 5 right now! Any hesitation could jeopardize
the safety of the world! The figures on the hilt
of the sword were designed to fit on a 25 mm steel pipe. We’ve reinforced the assembly,
since the sword is pretty massive. The toppers and the hilt don’t
already have holes for the pipe, so we just need to add
them to finish things up. We also put the load-carrying pipe
into the hilt using epoxy adhesive. I also made a few holes in the
pipe to provide better grip. And now the same procedure with the
rest of the hilt and the topper… To wrap things up, there are a few
more spots that need touching up. One more layer of primer
and we can paint them! By the way, lots of you ask what
type of paint I use in my projects… The paint is never the same,
but is mainly Train, Arton or Montana. These are all paints used
for graffiti or hobbying. They cover the object quite
well, and yes, they’re expensive! As for airbrushing, I’m using the same
paint but separated out into a jar. You can find information on the Internet
about how to do it, and it’s pretty easy. For the finishing touches:
We take the details of the sword blade and
hang them in the air. You can either make them using
steel wire like I did here, or put transparent acryl
between the base and the blade. It’ll provide almost the same result. So, that’s it! Don’t forget to like the video
and subscribe to the channel! Forever yours, I’m Dred. Bye-bye!

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  3. Чувак сделать что нибудь из кс го или пабг. У тебя крутые вещи но их сделать школьнику или подростку почти невозможно
    Заранее спасибо

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    Пост-апок самурая?

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