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November 20, 2019

Hello to all biathlon fans, NGL Biathlon developers are with you! So far, on our channel, we’ve conducted various races, careers, held battles between biathletes, but always wanted something more, which could participate in the maximum number of biathletes. And that’s why the other day I came up with super tournament – the NGL Biathlon Cup – where 168 athletes – 84 men and 84 women – will take part. Let’s see how this tournament will go. Here is a tournament bracket. Everything will start with a qualifying round, 21 athletes in each race and will be these races in Estersund and Antholz, respectively, for men and women. Next, from qualifying in 1/3 of the final will be 36 athletes, and in 1/3 we will have 3 races of 12 people in each, they will be held in Kontiolahti and Nove-Mesto. Next, the biathletes will go to North America, to Salt Lake and Canmore, there will be semifinals of 9 athletes, and the last, final stage of the tournament, which will meet best 6 men and women, will be held in Sochi, where we find out who is the coolest biathlete in NGL Biathlon. In order to divide the available biathletes into groups in the qualifying, I’ve written a special program, which randomly selected the athletes and divided into 4 groups. Let’s see what happened. So, now in front of you is the start list of the qualifying round among men, the program has divided them into 4 groups, the blue color highlights the favorites of each race. So, the first group’s favorites is Antonin Guigonnat and Simon Schempp. The Russians here are Alexander Povarnitsyn, Dmitriy Malyshko, Maxim Tsvetkov and Alexey Volkov, we hope they will be able to compete with the leaders. The second group includes 3 strong athletes, an interesting confrontation between Johannes Boe and Alexander Loginov, who will win, and of course Quentin Fillon M. will also compete with them, so it will be interesting. The third group – there are 2 obvious leaders, they are Julian Eberhard and Marten Fourcade, there is also very strong Vetle S. Christiansen, too, can’t forget about Evgeniy Garanichev, who can make it to the next tour, and the fourth, last group’s leaders are Tarjei Boe, Benedict Doll and Arnd Peiffer, but there are also very strong Lucas Hofer, Dominik Landertinger, Simon Eder and Jakov Fak, so propably the 4th group will be the toughest in terms of competition. Let’s look at the women’s start list. Immediately, in the first group, under the number 1 is Lisa Vitozzi, who took second place in the last World Cup, she is, of course, a clear favorite of these competitions, and in the same group, under number 18, is Tiril Echoff, who is very fast, but sometimes experiencing problems with shooting, here is also Paulina Fialkova, also a favorite of the competition. The obvious favorite of the second group is, of course, Dorothea Wirer, who is the current World Cup winner, and it is likely that her main rival will be Martha Roisland, who also performs very well.
In the third group, the main contender for the victory is Anastasia Kuzmina, who has finished her career, but will probably compete in relay races. We also expect a good result from Marketa Davidova, for which we play on our live broadcast. Among the Russians there are Yevgeniya Pavlova and Ekaterina Yurlova-P., that is, Russia is represented by a fairly strong squad, and there is also the Norwegian Ingrid Tandrevold, who can also take the prize place. In the fourth group, the main contenders for the victory are, of course, Kaisa Makarainen and Hanna Oeberg, who are number 21 and 19 respectively. Svetlana Mironova and Franzisca Preuss are also in this group, and they have a chance of a good place. Friends, write in the comments about who you will be cheering for at this tournament, the race of the Cup will be in the next videos on our channel, so sign up and put the likes. NGL Biathlon developers were with you, good luck to everyone, bye!

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  1. А вы это добавите в игру , чтобы пользователи смогли сами составить группы и отыграть за кого – то

  2. Болею за Казахстан. Кстати, можно добавить казахстанских девушек? Бельченко, Кондратьева, Ахатова.

  3. За Миронову, т.к. она самая скоростная из наших на настоящее время, и мне кажется ее характеристики хода немного не дотягивают до настоящих в игре, поэтому я немного повысил, а так болею за Логинова, Миронову ну и за Гараничев и Елисеева

  4. Круто! Болею за Россию и Эстонию, но почему Симон Дестьё не в фаворитах? Всё-таки 4 место в общем зачёте после Йоханнеса, Логинова и Фийона Майе. По-факту во второй гонке 4 фаворита

  5. За Малышко. Дима вперёд. Дима лучший, Дима супер, Дима класс. МАЛЫШКО МАЛЫШКО МАЛЫШКО

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