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The  660cc  Era  (1990 ~)

660  mod1  ‘cc

Because regulations only restrict physical size and engine displacement (and latterly outright power), manufacturers have been able to introduce many advanced technologies to the class.  As a result, kei-cars are often available with forced-induction engines, automatic and CV transmissions, front, rear, and 4WD, air conditioning, GPS, and many other features.

In 1990 the engine capacity was expanded to 660cc to aid high-speed performance and the increased weight of new safety equipment.  However, since 1998 tighter safety regulations have also necessitated a slightly larger body.  Most of the vehicles sold today are termed a tall boy or tall wagon because of their appearance, using 4-doors, a 1piece hatchback, and expanded head room.

Toyota Pixis Spacemod2  Nissan Otti: mod3

Starting in 2011, the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) launched its first minicar, the Pixis Space, which is actually a rebadged Daihatsu Move.  It is expected to increase competition in the minicar sector.  Currently, Nissan Motors is in partnership with Mitsubishi Motors, which produces the minicars for Nissan namely the Nissan Otti, while Honda’s minicar sales total around a quarter of its overall sales.


(f/l=facelift)   [ T H E   C A R S ]   (G=Generation)

m1  AUTOZAM (オートザム)  Autozam  Related image

1990 Scrumsix30  1990 Carolm2

1992 AZ-1ss38

Related imageCATERHAM (ケータハム / 軽タハム)  CaterhamRelated image

Image result for caterham seven 160  2015 Seven 160  Image result for caterham seven 160  

 m6   (ダイハツ)  Daihatsu  Related image

1986 Hijet 7G: six18   1990 Leeza: lza4

1990 Mira L200: six1

  1992 Leeza Spider: lza1    1992 Opti 1G 2-dr: six92

1994 Hijet 8G: six19    1995 Move 1G: mod10

Move 1G Custommod15

  1996 Midget 2G: q1    1996 Mira Moderno Parcosix2

  1998 Mira L700 Vansix3    1998 Opti 1G 4-dr: six93

  1999 Hijet 9G: six20  Hijet 10G: six21

  1999 Mira Gino 1G: six6    1999 Move 2G: mod12

Move 2G Custommod16   2000 Nakedmod22

  2001 Max:  mod9    2002 Copen 1G: ss58

2002 Mira Avy L250: six4

  2002 Move 3G: mod13  Move 3G Custommod17

  2002 Opti 2G: six94    2004 Mira Gino 2G: six7

  2004 Move Lattemod20    2006 Mira L275: six5

  2006 Move 4G: mod14  Move 4G Custommod18

  2006 Sonica: six95    2010 Move 5G Custommod19

  2008 Move Contemod21

   2014 Copen 2G: ss56     2014 Wakesix33

m15   (ホンダ / 本田) Honda  Related image

1991 Beatss4  ’92 Acty 2G: six15  ’93 Todaysix14

’96 Acty 2G f/l: six16  ’98 Life 3G: six9  ’99 Acty 3G: six17

’02 That’ssix11  ’03 Life 4G: six10  ’06 Zestmod11

’08 Life 5G: six12  ’12 N-One: Thumbnail for version as of 14:01, 7 November 2012  ’13 N-Box: six8

’15 S660: MY18  ’16 N Wagon: Related image

Image result for mazda badge  M A Z D A  (マツダ / 松田) Mazda  m20

1998 AZ-offroadsix83  ’99 Scrumsix31  ’93 AZ-1: ss41

’99 Laputacc129  ’02 Spianocc130  ’12 Flairm27

kc154  (ミツビシ / 三菱) Mitsubishi  Related image

1966 Minicab (LT30) 1G: cab1  ’72 Minicab W (T131) 2G: cab2

’76 Minicab 5 Van 3G: cab3  ’82 Minicab Truck 4G: cab4

’89 Minica Lettucecc108  ’90 Minica 6G: cc58

’90 Minica Toppokc156  ’90 Minica Dangan ZZ: six36

’91 Minicab Van 5G: cab5  ’93 Minica 7G: six37

’94 Pajero Mini  ’94 Pajero Mini Duke:

’96 Minica Toppo Town Beesix40  ’97 Minica Town Beesix38

’98 Minica 8G: six39  ’99 Minicab Van 6G: cab6

’99 Toppo BJ: six41  ’01 eK Wagon: six34

’01 Toppo BJ Widesix42  ’01 Toppo BJ Guppysix43

’06 eK 3G: six44

my48  (ミツオカ / 光岡) Mitsuoka   my48

1996 Ray 1G: my71 ’99 Ray 2G: my72 ’02 Ray 3G: my74

Related image  N I S S A N  (日産) Nissan six78

2003 Nissan Clipper:   ’03 Clipper Truck (U71T):

’05 Ottimod3  ’07 Pino: Nissan Pino 01.JPG  ’08 Kix

’08 Kix RS:   ’09 Rooxsix65  ’11 Clipper (NV100):

’13 Roox Highway Starsix66

ad22  S M A R T  (スマート)  Smart   my96

my94  1990 Smart K  my95

my100  (スバル / 昴) Subaru  Related image

1990 Dias Classicsam24  ’90 Sambar 5G: sam26

’90 Rex 2nd f/l 3G: six48  ’92 Viviosix49

’94 Vivio T-Topsix50  ’95 Vivio Bistrosix51

’95 Sambar VW retrosix46  ’98 Sambar 6G: six45

’98 Pleo 1G: six52  ’05 R1: my104  ’06 Stellasix35

’10 R2: my105  ’10 Pleo 2G: six53

kc159  (スズキ / 鈴木) Suzuki  Related image

1990 Alto Works 3G: six68  ’90 Carry 8G: six22

’90 Cervo 4G: six54  ’90 Every 1G: six23 ’90 Jimny 2G: six79

’91 Alto Hustlesix69  ’91 Every 2G: six32  ’91 Carry f/l 8G: six24

’91 Cappuccinokc170  ’92 Alto 3G: six67

’92 Carry 9G: six26  ’93 Carass44  ’93 Every RZ: six27

’93 Wagon R 1G: six84  ’94 Alto 4G: six70

’94 Cervo SR-Foursix55  ’94 Carry 9G f/l: six28

’95 Jimny Landventure Turbo JA22: six80  ’96 Cervo C: six56

’97 Alto f/l 4G: six71  ’97 Alto Works f/l: six72

’98 Alto 5G: six73  ’98 Jimny 3G: six81  ’98 Keikc173

’98 Wagon R 2G: six85  ’99 Carry 10G: six29

’00 Alto 5G f/l: six74  ’00 Keisix58  ’01 Jimny JLX soft top: six82

’02 Kei FIS: six59  ’02 Lapinsix61  Lapin f/l: kc163

’03 Twinkc175  ’03 Wagon R 3G: six86  ’04 Alto 6G: six75  ’06 Cervo 5G: six57  ’06 Keisix60

’07 Wagon R Stingraysix87  ’08 Lapin 2G: six62

’08 Palettesix63  Palette SW: six64  ’08 Wagon R 4G: six88

’08 Wagon R Stingraysix89  ’09 Alto 7G: six76

’10 Dias Wagonsix47  ’12 Wagon R 5G: six90  ’14 Alto 8G: six77

kc176   (トヨタ) Toyota  Related image

six33  2014 Pixis Mega  cc132

six91  (ヤマハ) Yamaha  Image result for yamaha badge

cus29  1998 Ami  cus27

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