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  Tomica ]

(Tomy Co. Ltd.)

Takara Tomy is a Japanese toy manufacturer, whose products are sometimes referred to as the ‘Matchbox‘ toys of Japan.  The company was formed on the 1st March 2006 by a merger between ‘Tomy‘ (founded in 1924) as Tomiyama, changing their name to Tomy in 1963 and their long-time rival ‘Takara‘ (founded in 1955).  The company has its headquarters in Katsushita, Tōkyō.

In 1970, Tomy started to produce its Tomica line of diecast vehicles.  Although various scale sizes are made, the Tomica name is normally associated with the 1/55 (3″) sized models.

1/55 Suzuki Carry noodle sellers truck   Black box (pre-1984) No45.

(From 1988 all boxes including older remakes were Red & White)

1/56 Mitsubishi Minica “Diving School”  Red & White box (post ’84) No.71.


  Mitsuoka MC-1 “Convoy 88”  No.121.


In 2004, the No121 Mitsuoka “Convoy 88” was available for a limited period from Mitsuoka Motors.  It was given to purchasers of the real electric single seater vehicle (above) which featured a retro Citroen H Van front end and side panels.  A limited number of 35 units were produced.


[ The Makes ]

Daihatsu: Boon, Copen, Midget l, Midget ll, Mira, Move

Honda: Beat, N Box, N-One, S660, TN360, Vamos

Mitsubishi: i MiEV, Minica Toppo

Mitsuoka: MC-1 ‘Convoy 88’

Nissan: Pino

Subaru: 360, R1, R-2, Sambar, Sambar (noodle truck)

Suzuki: Alto, Carry ‘noodle truck’, Carry ‘pig hauler’, Carry ‘tentmushi’, Cervo, Fronte, Wagon R

[ Gift  Sets ]

Kei Jidosha Compact Car Collection No17: Related image  Toy’s Dream Project (TDP):  TDP No22:  TDP No24:  TDP Tentōmushi Collection No25:  TDP Public Working Cars Part 1 No26:  TDP Public Working Cars Part 3 No32:  TDP Police Cars 3 No33: 


[ The  Models ]

No.121 Mitsuoka MC-1 ‘Convoy 88‘: 

No.117 Mitsubishi i-MiEV 1/58: Related image

No.98 Honda S660 1/56: Related image

No.90 Suzuki Carry ‘Tentōmushi‘ 1/55: Related imageImage result for tomica kei carImage result for tomica kei car

No.81 Honda ‘N-1’ 1/58: Related imageRelated image

No.71 Mitsubishi Minica Toppo ‘Diving School‘ 1/56: 

No.68 Suzuki Carry ‘Post Van‘ 1/57: Related imageRelated imageRelated image

No.62 Daihatsu Midget ll: Related imageImage result for tomica kei carImage result for tomica kei carImage result for tomica kei car

No.58 Daihatsu Wake 1/56: Related image

No.58 Suzuki Wagon R 1/59: Related imageRelated imageRelated image

No.55 Honda Vamos 1/54: Related imageRelated image

No.52 Daihatsu Copen (2015) 1/57: Related imageRelated imageRelated image

No.48 Suzuki Alto ‘police car‘ 1/56: Related imageRelated imageRelated image

No.45 Suzuki Carry ‘ramen noodle sellers truck‘ 1/55: 

No.39 Suzuki Carry ‘pig hauler‘: Related imageRelated imageRelated image

No.35 Subaru Sambar ‘ramen noodle sellers truck‘ 1/55: Related imageRelated image

No.33 Daihatsu Move Conte 1/56: Related image

No.32 Daihatsu Move 1/57: Related image

No.31 Suzuki Carry ‘Doraemon‘: Related image

No.20 Honda N Box (2013) 1/58: Related imageTomica 特注 AEON 第17弾Honda N-ONETomica 特注 AEON 第17弾Honda N-ONE

No.19 Daihatsu Mira 1/56: Image result for tomica kei car

No.17 Honda N-One ‘AEON tuning car series‘: Tomica 特注 AEON 第17弾Honda N-ONE

No.8 Nissan Pino (2007) 1/57: Related image

No.8 Suzuki Alto (2015) 1/56: Related image


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