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Kei Kars in the Park 2016 ]

Kei Kars in the Park

This year, the 10th annual KKITP meeting on the 25th September was held at the British Motor Museum (formally the Heritage Motor Museum) in Wawickshire and was included as part of the “Autumn Classic and Gaydon Fringe Festival” end of year meet.  Fortunately it was a nice day and the threatened prospect of rain never materialised.

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On a fine Autum day between forty to fifty kei cars showed up, in the company of a lot of older exotic machinery, namely a line-up of 99 Jenson GT’s from the Jenson Owners Club for the cars 50th Anniversary.  Daihatsu Copen’s were the mainstay of the KKITP meet, followed by an impressive display of Suzuki Cappuccino’s.  The single Autozam AZ-1 was accompanied by a couple of Autozam Carols, a rare sight on these shores.  There was also a decent turnout of Honda Beats, mostly yellow (the best colour).  Other entry’s included an immaculate Mitsubishi Minicab pickup truck in white, and a beautifully prepared Daihatsu Mira TR-XX in silver.


10:00  Gates opened to the public; Voting officially began.

12:30  Voting officially ended, slips had to be submitted for counting BEFORE 1pm.

13:30  Winners were announced and prizes awarded.

17:00  Event closed.


The Prizes were awarded as follows :

From 1st to 4th place: Best presented:
Autozam;  Honda Beat;  Daihatsu Copen;  Suzuki Cappuccino;  Un-classified others.
From 1st to 2nd place for:  Best presented Club.
Individual Prizes for:  KKITP Champion 2016;
Reserve KKITP champion 2016
William Boulton Memorial Trophy (for being most helpful to other members)

Champion !!

***** 2016 KKITP kkp8 CHAMPION *****

(Congrats to the Autozam Carol KKITP Champion 2016)


kkp1 kkp3

A line up of Suzuki Cappuccino’s, two unusual in black including one with the cool looking gull-wing style doors.  The red Suzuki Cappuccino at the end of the line had a nice body kit and was sporting 3-piece SSR Watanabe RS8 alloy wheels in gold, thanks to Andy Milne for pointing that out.


  I think perhaps it was too windy for the sole Autozam AZ-1 to have both its doors open at the same time.

kkp5 kkp10

There was a nice line-up Honda Beats mainly in yellow and one fitted with the rare optional hardtop.

kkp7  kkp6

Mark Trenfield brought along his immaculately prepared Daihatsu Mira TR-XX, though he thought it could be made better with a bit more tweaking !!  The Mira was sporting real Japanese number plates, showing they were from the Mito area of Tōkyō.

kkp11  kkp2

The Copen lineup included this car with the 15″ Minilite style alloy wheels in gold and a nice Copen number plate.

kkp8 kkp9

Steve & Rose Ashburne were in the Copen with the blue roof and mirrors. It was pointed out by many that the Daihatsu badges were on the wrong way round !!  They were like that when I bought it, honest !  A few people asked if the blue roof was a wrap, it was a proper paint job but not done that well, still it was cheap !!


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Thanks to the organisers for a very successful day, a good time was had by all.  It’s just a shame the report by a well-known car weekly publication was abysmal and basically a waste of everybody’s time.  We look forward to seeing everybody again next year !



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