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The  Emergency  Services ]

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Police  警察  keisatsu ]

Japanese police kei-cars (日本の 警察の 自動車) nihon-n0-keisatsu-no jidōsha

Kei police cars have been used for many years, usually only for local policing.  They have also frequently appeared in the popular culture of Manga (漫画 / マンガ) comics/cartoons and Anime (アニメ) animation.  The term “minipato” (ミニパト) is often used to describe a “mini patrol car” by young people.

(below) 1970 Subaru 360 (昭和45 スバル360)  Note: LHD

q8 Related image Related image

 Suzuki Alto Patrol Cars: Related image (スズキ·アルト·パト)

Mazda Carol: Related image Related image (マツダ·キャロル)

Suzuki Wagon R:  (スズキ·ワゴンR)

Mitsubishi i-MiEV: Related image (三菱 i-MiEV)

Mitsubishi Police Truck: Related image (Arkansas, USA)

— Model kits for self assembly —

1958 Subaru 360: Related image  1962 Mazda Carol: Image result for subaru r360 police car

[ S C A L E    M O D E L S ]

1/55 scale Subaru 360 by Tomica: Related image (スバル360)

1/64 Mazda Carol 360 by Tomica: Related image (マツダ·キャロル)

1/56 Suzuki Alto by Tomica: Image result for suzuki cervo police car (スズキ·アルト·パト)

1/56 Suzuki Wagon R by Tomica: Related image (スズキ·ワゴンR)

1/43 Mitsubishi i-MiEV by j-collection : Image result for Mitsubishi i-MiEV police car (三菱 i-MiEV)


 Related image  From the ChoroQ (video game) Related image

Related image

pol2   pol4 pol3

Honda Today driven by Natsumi and Miyuki in Taiho Shicha uzo (逮捕 しちゃうぞ) in You’re under arrest !!

Famously, a Honda Motocompo is stored in the boot: Thumbnail for version as of 12:51, 10 April 2006


Fire Service  消防隊  shōbōtai ]

Fire Engine: 消防自動車 shōbō jidōsha

Kei fire engines exist, but I’ve never seen one in the flesh.  They are very good for accessing very tight spaces and are used by companies requiring their own service.

Изображение Related image Related image

A fully fledged kei fire engine similar to the above, have recently been put into service by Shibukawa City in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.  The kei based fire engine has been converted to carry a pumping unit capable of hosing out 900 litres of water per minute.  The conversion was carried out by a specialist fire appliance conversion company in Utsunomiya,  Tichigi Prefecture and is claimed by the city and the “Japan Fire Appliance Association” to be the very first kei truck-based fire appliance in Japan.  Kei trucks are sometimes used in support roles, but this is the first time one has been converted to be a fully-fledged water pumping appliance.  As it’s only 3.4 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, Shibukawa City fire department officials claim that it will increase protection for citizens and tourists in this spa resort town where the streets are too narrow for full-sized fire trucks to negotiate effectively.

Subaru Sambar fire truck: Related image  in Middlesborough !!

Suzuki Carry fire truck: Image result for kei fire truck


Ambulance  救急車  kyūkyūsha ]

Kei type ambulances are used on the remote islands of Hong Kong.  In Japan, stretcher bearers are used for local transportation, and specially adapted kei-vans are used for carrying wheel-chairs.

A Hong Kong ambulance: em1

Stretcher Bearer: kt26 Wheel-chair Carrier: kt27


And if you need an urgent telegram, it might come in one of these !!

med19  med18  kt9


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