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本田 ビート )


 The Pininfarina designed Honda Beat was manufactured at the Suzuka plant in Mie Prefecture between 1991 – 1996, with approximately 33,600 leaving the production line.

ss13 ss1 BEAT ロゴHONDA PRIMOマーク MTREC12VALVE 64PS/8,100rpm6.1kgm/7,000rpm(NET)

The Beat’s 656cc EO7A 13 (40.0 cu in) transverse mounted mid-engine avoided the use of  turbo’s or superchargers, it was sold exclusively through ‘Honda Primo‘ dealerships.  The Beat was modified with the ‘MTREC‘ (Multi Throttle Responsive Engine Control) system, with individual throttle bodies for each of the 3 cylinders, which produced 64 PS (63 bhp@ 8,100 rpm with an electronically limited top speed of 135 kph (84 mph).  The MTREC design was later used on the 1993 Honda Today.

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The Beat was the last car to be approved by ‘Soichiro Honda‘ before he died in 1991.  There were 2 mainstream models of the Beat, the PP1-100 and the PP1-110 and a couple of limited edition versions.  Variations on the PP1-100 model were just cosmetic updates.  Only the PP1-110 had any real mechanical differences.  All cars were offered with the option of a driver’s side airbag.

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Beat standard equipment included air conditioning, power windows, 3-point seat belt, sun visor, front stabilizer, front laminated glass, side-toughened glass, halogen head lamps, soft top, and standard steel wheels.


[ Versions ]

The February 1992 version ‘F‘ featured Aztec Green Pearl paintwork and alloy wheels.

The May 1992 version ‘C‘ featured Captiva Blue Pearl paintwork and white alloy wheels.

The May 1993 version ‘Z‘ featured Blade Silver metallic or Everglade Green metallic paintwork, 3 black gauges, mud guards, a rear-spoiler, exhaust pipe finisher and alloy wheels.


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On May 9th 2010, a parade was held at the ‘Twin Ring Motegi‘ racing circuit in Tochigi Prefecture as a part of an annual Beat owners meeting, 569 Honda Beats participated in the parade, which is certified by ‘Guinness World Records‘ as the largest parade ever of Honda cars.  This record appeared in the 2011 edition of ‘The Guinness Book of World Records‘.

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[ Specifications ]

ManufacturerHonda  /  Production : 1991 – 1996

Designer : Pininfarina  /  Class : Kei-sports car

Body style : 2-door roadster  /  Layout : Transverse mid-engine RWD

Engine : 656 cc (40.0 cu in) E07A I3  /  Transmission : 5-speed manual

Wheelbase : 2,280 mm (90 in)  /  Length : 3,295 mm (129.7 in)

Width : 1,395 mm (54.9 in)  /  Height : 1,175 mm (46.3 in)

Curb weight : 1,675 lb (760 kg)  /  Successor : Honda S660

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Mugen, meaning ‘without limit‘ or ‘limitless‘ is the name of a well known engine tuner and parts manufacturer for the Honda Motor Co.  It was formed in 1973 by ‘Hirotoshi Honda‘ the son of the Honda company founder Soichiro Honda, however, it has never been a part of Honda itself.

The Beat naturally received its fair share of modifications . . .



Image result for computer games clipart  The ‘Honda Beat‘ in Computer Games:

Kat’s Run-Zennihon K Car Senshuken (1995):   1991 Beat in Gran Turismo 2 (’99):   ’92 Beat in Gran Turismo 2 (’99):    ’94 Beat in Gran Turismo 2 (’99):   Rally de Europe (2000):    Sega GT (’00):   Shutokou Battle 2 (Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2/Tokyo Highway Challenge 2) (’00):   Touge Max G (’00):   Shutokou Battle Zero (Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero) (’01):   Auto modellista (’02):   ’91 Beat in Gran Turismo 4: Prologue (’03):   ’91 Beat in Kaido Battle (Tokyo Xtreme Racer:Drift) (’03):   GT Cube (GT Pro Series) (’03):   ’91 Beat in Gran Turismo 4 (’04):   ’91 Beat in Kaido Battle 2: Chain Reaction (Kaido Racer) (’04):   ’91 Beat in Sega GT Online (’04):   ’92 Beat in Gran Turismo 4 (’04):   ’93 Beat in Gran Turismo 4 (’04):   ’91 Beat in Enthusia: Professional Racing (’05):   ’91 Beat in Kaido Battle: Touge no Densetsu (Tokyo Xtreme Racer:Drift 2) (’05):   Racing Battle: C1 Grand Prix (’05):   GT Pro Series (’06):   ’91 Beat in Gran Turismo 5 (’10):   ’92 Beat in Gran Turismo 5 (’10):   ’93 Beat in Gran Turismo 5 (’10):   ’91 Beat in Car Town EX (’12):   ’91 Beat in Gran Turismo 6 (’13):   Dr. Driving (’13):   ’11 Beat in DreadOut (’14): 


[ Honda press release pics from 1991 ]

開発リーダー  Development leaders & exterior design team エクステリア・デザインチーム

Exterior image sketch エクステリア・イメージスケッチ  (エクステリア·イメージ·スケッチ)

スタイリング インテリア 全体透視図/SRSエアバッグシステム装着車 エンジンイメージ ミッドシップ・フルオープンモノコックボディ SRSエアバッグシステム作動時の写真合成

シャシー開発&走行テスト担当チーム Chassis development & travel overseers シャシー開発&走行テスト担当チーム

エンジン&トランスミッション開発チーム Engine & transmission development team エンジン&トランスミッション開発チーム

ボディ開発チーム Body development team & Safety test overseers 安全テスト担当チーム

With a top speed of around 90 mph, the Beat could reach 60 mph in just 6 seconds.  Around a 100 or so have been brought to Britain privately as grey imports.  The Beat was featured on the  ‘Top Gear‘ TV program, where it received critical acclaim from Jeremy Clarkson !!


[ G A L L E R Y ]

660 MTREC 12VALVE     フロント・ストラット、リア・デュアルリンクストラットサスペンション

ミッドシップイメージss8 前後重量配分前後異径タイヤハイマウント・ストップランプImage result for honda beatImage result for honda beat mugenImage result for honda beat mugenImage result for honda beat mugenPhoto:BEAT/マニュアル式ソフトトップサイド見切りボンネットマニュアル式ソフトトップ1マニュアル式ソフトトップ2マニュアル式ソフトトップ3ツートーン・インテリア独立3眼メータードライバーズシート風の流れ(トップ)風の流れ(フロント)ベンチレーションフロー図(トップ)ベンチレーションフロー図3本スポークステアリングホイール3本スポークステアリングホイール(SRSエアバッグシステム装着車用SRSエアバッグシステム装着車用)パワーウインドウスイッチアシスタントボックスドキュメントボックスツートーン・インテリア


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