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 mij1  Our Man in Japan

Welcome to photo journalist John F. Ashburne ‘Our Man in Japan‘.  He will be sending occasional articles, photos and offering interesting insights on the kei car scene in Japan.

We wish him all the best


18/11/2016: Visit to the ‘nostalgic car collection‘ of ‘Mr. Hideki Matsuzaki‘ (秀樹 松崎).


(pictured above)

The 1962 Suzulight Fronte (became Suzuki).

A 1958 Subaru 360 in powder blue with a white roof. In Japan it was nicknamed the ladybug‘.


(There are six Mazda R360 Coupés in the collection. Here are two of them)

The 1962 Kurogane Baby (in-line 2-cylinder, air-cooled, 356cc)


Mr. Matsuzaki owns 2 of the 100 Daihatsu Buggy’s that were only made in 1970.  The yellow one has great patina and the red one is very low mileage and immaculate.

The 1959 Daihatsu Midget (ダイハツ·ミゼット) DSA 1st Generation and a 1959 Mazda K360.


The 1961 Cony Guppy (コ二―·グッピー) There are 2 in the collection:

       The 1961 Cony Guppy


The 1947 Auto SandalMr Matsuzaki owns 2 of the only 3 in existence.  Note the kick start and the old fire tender in the background.

jc36jc35jc34jc41jc42jc45jc46jc47jc53jc58jc62jc64jc40 jc59 jc92 jc91jc93jc94

The 1955 NJ 号 ‘Go‘:


Many thanks to Mr. Matsuzaki for a private showing of his over 120 classic vehicles.  A great time was had by all, especially the mini road trip in the Auto Sandal !!


23/07/2016 Out and about in KyōtoAn iteresting looking Daihatsu Copen . . .

cop6 cop5 cop2 cop4

03/07/2016 Spotted on *Goo.Net (グー·ネット)  *A Japanese used car portal.

Suzuki Cappuccino (スズキ ·カプチーノ) AKA:The Baby Cobra.

(Price on application !!)


12/06/2016 Takao Sunday Meeting (高雄 サンデー ·ミーティング):

 mij4 mij5 mij6

1977-89 Mazda Porter Cab (2nd Generation).


Ferrari F40 !!  (1998 Yamaha Ami):

sp31 sp33 sp30 sp35

(Is actually a re-badged Daihatsu Opti Mk1)

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