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For cars with not enough content / history / too new to merit a page of its own.  Grouped by manufacturer.

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Related image      Daihatsu Tanto 01.jpg

Daihatsu : Cuore; Esse; Opti; Sonica; Tanto & Terios Kid.

Related imageHonda That's  Honda Today.jpg  Thumbnail for version as of 15:46, 23 January 2008

Honda : That’s; Today & Zest.

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Mazda : AZ Wagon; Chantez; Flair Wagon; Laputa & Spiano.

Related image  2008 Mitsubishi Toppo 01.JPG  Related image  six44

Mitsubishi : eK; i; i MiEV & Toppo.

Related image    Nissan Pino 01.JPG

Nissan : Clipper; Dayz Roox; Kix; Otti; Pino; Roox & Roox Highway Star.

Related image  six52  six53  Stella Custom.JPG

Subaru : Lucra; Pleo; R1; R1e; R2 & Stella.

Related image  2002 Suzuki Alto-Lapin 01.jpg  Suzuki Palette 01.JPG  Suzuki Spacia MK32S 02.JPG

Suzuki : Kei; Lapin; Pallette; Spacia & Twin.

Related image  mod2 cc132 six33

Toyota Pixis : Epoch, Joy, Mega, Space, Truck & Van.

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