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Re-badging sometimes called badge engineering is endemic in Japan, no more so than with kei cars, especially the later one’s.  It applies when alterations are made to a manufacturers badge, logo or manufacturer’s name or marque to an existing product and then and susequently marketing the variant as a distinct product.  The term “badge engineering” is a bit of a misnomer, as little or no engineering takes place.

Due to the high cost of designing and engineering a new model or establishing a brand, which may take many years to gain acceptance, it is much less expensive to rebadge a product than create one.  The costs of product development and manufacturing tools are therefore spread over more vehicles, resulting in greater economies of scale.

The term originated with the practise of replacing an automobile’s emblem or badge in order to create a new model.  Besides badges and emblems, minor styling differences can occur such as differences to head and tail lights, front and rear facias, and outer body skins.  More extreme examples often involve using different engines and drivetrains.

Today, Mazda sell rebadged Suzuki’s, Subaru and Toyota offer rebadged Daihatsu’s and Nissan offer rebadged Mitsubishi’s and Suzuki’s.

(The sign “>” is used to mean “is a rebadged“)

ss44  Mazda AZ-550 / Suzuki Cara > 1993 Autozam AZ-1.

pp26  The Mazda / Autozam Scrum > Suzuki Carry.

Suzuki Jimny JA12W 001.JPG  The Mazda AZ-Offroad > Suzuki Jimny.

Mazda Carol 601.JPG  The Mazda Carol > Suzuki Alto 6G.

  The Mazda Flair / Wagon > Suzuki Palette / SW.

 The Mazda Flair Custom Style > Suzuki Wagon R Stingray.

Mazda Laputa.jpg  The Mazda Laputa > Suzuki Kei.

  The Mazda Spiano > Suzuki Lapin / Alto.

  The Mitsubishi Minicab > Suzuki Carry / Every.

  The Mitsubishi Minicab > Suzuki Every.

Mitsubishi Town Box 001.JPG  The Nissan Clipper / Clipper Rio > Mitsubishi Town Box

  The Nissan Clipper > Mitsubishi Minicab.

six44  The Nissan Dayz / Dayz Highway Star / Otti > Mitsubishi eK.

  The Nissan Kix > Mitsubishi Pajero Mini.

Nissan Pino 01.JPG  The Nissan Pino > Suzuki Alto 6G.

 The Nissan Roox > Suzuki Palette.

Related image The Nissan Roox Highway Star > Suzuki palette SW.

 The Subaru Lucra / Custom > Daihatsu Tanto Exe / Custom.

2nd Subaru Pleo Van 1.jpg The Subaru Pleo > Daihatsu Mira.

 The Subaru Stella 2G > Daihatsu Move.

Toyota Pixis Epoch launched in Japan  The Toyota Pixis Epoch > Daihatsu Mira e:S.

Related image  The Toyota Pixis Joy > Daihatsu Cast.

Daihatsu WAKE G "SA" (LA700S) front.JPG  The Toyota Pixis Mega > Daihatsu Wake.

mod2  The Toyota Pixis Space > Daihatsu Move Conte.

Image result for toyota pixis truck  The Toyota Pixis Truck > Daihatsu Hijet.

Related image  The Toyota Pixis Van > Daihatsu Hijet Cargo.

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