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K-MEDIA includes MANGA (漫 画) comics & cartoons & ANIME (アニメ) hand drawn or computer animation, ART, FILMS & ADVERTISING. It also includes COMPUTER GAMING, Scale Models and some Quirky Names !!

Related image  [ A D V E R T I S I N G ]

Strange American advertising posters with the slogan “Cheap and Ugly Does It” …

… Malcolm Bricklin imported Subaru 360’s in the 60’s.  A genious advertising guru (aha), he coined the nifty slogan “Cheap and Ugly Does It”.  Just what the Subaru 360 in a fish tank depicts escapes me.


[  C E L E B R I T Y    E N D O R S E M E N T S  ]

Daihatsu Mira e:S: med23  Bruce Willis

Honda Z: med24med27med36  ZZ Top

Subaru 360: kc136  In Japan all sumo wrestlers are celebs !!

Suzuki Wagon R: med25 med26  Leonardo DiCaprio

[  B R O C H U R E S    &    L E A F L E T S  ]


  cc20cc21cc22cc23cc26cc27 cc28 cc24cc25kc93cc119

ИзображениеИзображениеИзображениеRelated imagelza1Daihatsu FX-228, 1991

Related image Related image Related image Related imageRelated image

med21 ss13 cc43 hs4 Related image


 AD15 AD16 AD17 AD18 my88



cab8paj6Click for larger image


cc34AD2AD3AD7AD8AD9AD10AD12AD13  kc121

cc42Related imageレックスCMsub8

med20med55med56med57med58med59med60Related imageRelated image

[  C    O    M    P    U    T    E    R           G    A    M    E    S  ]

‘Racing Video med9 for Play Station’


Kat’s Run : Zen-Nippon K Car Senshuken (キャッツ ·ラン全日本 Kカー 選手権) Is a racing video game which was released exclusively in Japan in 1995.  All the playable vehicles are kei cars.  There are 2-play modes and a choice of 10 drivers, 10 cars and 4 courses.

The Honda Beat is featured in Gran Turismo 2 (Mugen tuned), Sega GT, Gran Turismo PSP, Gran Turismo 4, Gran Turismo 5, and Gran Turismo 6.

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The Daihatsu Fellow Buggy in Art

Mark012.wikie.gif1970black2.pngBgyback.png1970Blue3.pngFB.zu.178.jpgFellow bugy0111.jpgMark.fb02.pngFellow bugy022.jpgFellow bugy04.jpgFELLOW.illustration 03.jpgFELLOW.illustration 05.jpgFELLOW.illustration 06.jpgFellowbuggy33.jpgFellowbuggyred.jpgMark.wikie.gif

The beautiful watercolour paintings of Mazda designer “Miki Nakajima”

1960 Mazda R360: maz1  1962 Mazda Carol 360: maz2  1992 Mazda AZ-1: maz3

Related image  [  F  I  L  M  S   &   T  V  ]

med28 med33

“MALCOLM” : The 1986 (Australian) cult film (90 mins)

The film involves a pair of bank robbers whose getaway car is a specially converted Honda Z.  The car splits in two and both halves can be driven independently with disastrous results !!


Three or four cars were used in the film, the two halves being powered by motorbikes.


Asahi TV featured this re-modeled AZ1 for their “Blue Swat” TV series, which was part of the Metal Hero Series (51 episodes).  Called the “Striker”, it had a body made of Titanium alloy, Tungsten steel and Carbon Fibre.  It also had a super computer and bullet-proof windows and a roll-cage covering the entire car.  The gas-turbine engine had a top speed of 312 KPH (194 MPH).  The series was more popular with adults rather than children !!

med3  [  B O O K S , M A G A Z I N E S   &   M A N G A  ]

Product Details

Japanese Minitruck: An Introduction To All Things Kei Truck by Mark Roehrig.

Publisher: Trafford (17th July 2012); Paperback: 72 Pages; Kindle edition: Also available.

The 50’s to 70’s eras 360cc kei-cars all in one issue @ ¥838.

最新2015軽自動車選びの本 ((CARTOPMOOK)) Choose Your Kei Car Magazines (¥780/£5.86) モーターファン別冊 統括シリーズ 2015年 軽自動車のすべて (モーターファン別冊 統括シリーズ vol. 71) 軽自動車のすべて 2015ー2016年 話題の軽スペシャリティ特集 eKワゴン/デイズのマイナーチェ (モーターファン別冊 統括シリーズ vol. 78)

統括シリーズ Vol.662014-2015年 軽自動車のすべて (モーターファン別冊 統括シリーズ vol. 66)モーターファン別冊 統括シリーズ 2015年 軽自動車のすべて (モーターファン別冊 統括シリーズ vol. 71)最新軽自動車カタログ別冊モータ (モーターファン別冊)最新!!軽自動車購入ガイド 2015 (SAKURA・MOOK 25)クチコミ新車ガイド軽自動車 (SAN-EI MOOK)

[ B e s t   K e i – c a r   M a g a z i n e s ]

med40med41 med42 med43

Kei Cars Special (K カー ·スペシャル) : Kei car magazines are available in the UK but are very expensive.


The film Taiho Shichauzo (逮捕しちゃうぞ) “Your Under Arrest !!” is also a popular Manga series.

med7The police car carries a Honda Motocompo fold-up moto in the boot.

pol4 It’s driven by police girls Natsumi and Miyuki.

“MECHADOC” is a popular Manga and Anime series.  It famously uses a Suzuki Cervo which is referred to as a “minipato”.  This is basically an English phrase meaning “mini patrol car”.

kc35 cc120

‘Pictures from the “Narutaru” manga series by Mohiro Kitoh’


In the Shuichi Shigeno manga and anime Initial D, as well as the Arcade Stage games, “Sakamoto” of the Northern Saitama Alliance drives a modified red Suzuki Cappuccino.

Related imageRelated image

In the 2004 anime series Sgt. Frog, Private 2nd Class Tamama wears a reverse “shoshinsha” on his stomach and head, this is in reference to Tamama’s status as the youngest, lowest-ranking member of the Advance Recon Mission Preparatory Invasion Terror (A.R.M.P.I.T.) Platoon !!

[  S  C  A  L  E  med37  M  O  D  E  L  S  ]

’55 Flying Feather 1:43: kc134  ’63 Daihatsu Midget 1:43: med19  ’68 Subaru 360 Young-SS (K111) 1:24: med11

’86 Daihatsu Leeza Turbo 1/24 Related image  ’88 Daihatsu Mira TR-XX Aero 1/24 Related image  ’91 Honda Beat 1:43: med12    ’93 Subaru Vivio Safari Colin McRae1/64:  ウチのセルボもお願いします!   ’94 Suzuki Cappuccino 1:43: med13  ’95 Autozam AZ-1 concept 1:24: med17  ’96 Daihatsu Midget Mkll 1:24: med18  ’12 Daihatsu Copen 1:24: med15

This self-assembly kit is a 6-wheeler !!

[  S L O T   C A R S  ]


The Honda 600 and smaller Kei cars like the Honda N360 andMazda R360 are built on modified 1/43rd scale Carrera GO! chassis.

sc2sc1Related imagesc4sc5sc6sc7sc8sc9sc10sc11sc12

TOMICA  Tomy Company, Ltd. (株式会社タカラ·トミー)

   Takara Tomy is a Japanese toy manufacturer, whose products are sometimes referred to as the Matchbox toys of Japan.  The company was formed on the 1st March 2006 by a merger between “Tomy” (founded in 1924) as Tomiyama, changing their name to Tomy in 1963 and their long-time rival “Takara” (founded in 1955).  The company has its headquarters in Katsushita, Tōkyō.

In 1970, Tomy started to produce its Tomica line of diecast vehicles.  Although various scale sizes are made, the Tomica name is normally associated with the 1/55 (3″) sized models.

1/55 Suzuki Carry noodle sellers truck   Black box (pre-1984) No45.

(From 1988 all boxes including older remakes were Red & White)

1/56 Mitsubishi Minica “Diving School”  Red & White box (post ’84) No71.

[  Q  U  I  R  K  Y      N  A  M  E  S  ]

Daihatsu Naked;  Daihatsu Opti Aerodown Beex;  Honda N-Box Slash;  Honda That’s;  Mitsubishi Lettuce;  Nissan Dayz Roox;  Suzuki Every Joy Pop Turbo.

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