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 The Daihatsu Midget I & II  Related image

     m9  1st Generation (1957 – 1972cc134

( 昭和 32-47年イハツ·ミゼット 製造 336,534 )

 q2 2nd Generation (1996 – 2002q1

( 平成 8-14 ダイハツ·ミゼット )

First Generation (1957 – 1972)

Daihatsu is the oldest of all the Japanese car manufacturers.  The first Midget the DKA was classed as an Autorickshaw and was first produced in 1957.  It was a single seater 3-wheeler with a doorless cab and handlebar steering.  The 250cc (ZA) engine was an air-cooled single cylinder 2-stroke, producing 8PS (6kW).

1957-59 DKA & DSVИзображение  Изображение  Изображение

In August 1959 it was replaced by the more comfortable DSA which had doors and a more powerful 10PS (7kW) version of the ZA engine.  There was also a rare 2-seater version the DSAP, with the passenger seat off-set to the left behind the driver.  This required a longer passenger compartment which encroached on the cargo area.  There was   also a DSV panel van version.

1957-1959 DKA’s: Изображение  Изображение  Изображение

1959-1961 DSA’sИзображение  Изображение

1959-1961 DSVИзображение  DSAP: Изображение

The MP series was introduced in October 1959, in the form of the MP2 with updated features, such as a steering wheel, doors and seating for two.  This model had been on sale in America since April 1959 as the MPA, although it was marketed as the Daihatsu Trimobile.  Companies such as Boeing and Lockheed used them in their plants due to their small size and agility.  However, being 80kg heavier than previous models, it was somewhat sluggish.  The DSA and the MP versions were built alongside each other into to the early 1960’s.  There was a panel van version of both types.

1959-60 MP2Изображение  1961 MP3Изображение

MP3 SafariИзображение  MP3 BulldogИзображение

Revisions to the MP design were soon made resulting in the MP3, which had the larger 305cc ZD engine, producing 12PS (9kW).  In May 1960, the 200 mm (7.9″) longer MP4 arrived, featuring roll up door windows.  In August 1961 the doors were modified to incorporate a triangular window vent and a chromed side strip.



In September 1962, the final version the MP5 arrived, somewhat larger than the MP4 with a maximum length of 2,970 mm (117″),with cargo space increased by 100 mm (3.9″) to a total of 1,260 mm (50″).  Nearly all the body panels were altered in some way, with new marker lights installed, redesigned doors, a blunter and more rounded front, bigger vent openings in front of the doors leading edge and finally a solid metal roof instead of the previous fabric type. April 1963 saw the introduction of automatic oil mixing for the 2-stroke engine.  In August 1969 new safety regulations required certain lighting changes, including a drivers side headrest and seat belts.

1960-62 MP4Изображение  1962-72 MP5Изображение

MP5’sИзображение  Изображение  Изображение  Изображение

The MP5 remained in production until December 1971, with sales stopping in 1972.  By 1972, over 336,500 units had been sold.  Production terminated due to the demand for more modern 4-wheelers.  The Midget has been sold outside Japan mainly in East Asia (India, Pakistan, Indonesia & Thailand) and they are still being made today by other manufacturers.

Second Generation (1996 – 2002)

Midget ll Cargomid2  VanИзображение

The 2nd Generation Daihatsu Midget was produced from 1996 – 2002.  It is now a 660cc 4-wheel kei-car, available with optional 4-wheel drive and air-conditioning.



1996-99 V-K 100P B typeИзображение  V-K 100P C Van: Изображение

V-K 100P D typeИзображение  V-K 100P R typeИзображение

The Midget ll was introduced as a concept at the 1993 Tōkyō Motor Show.  There are two types of engine available, differentiated by the type of injection, one being electronic.  The EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) version is shorter in length by 75 mm (2.95″).  They are available as a 1 or 2-seater, with manual or automatic transmissions.  The spare tyre is unusually mounted on the front like some of the old VW vans.

1999-2001 GD-K100P B type:  Изображение  GD-K100P D type: Изображение

GD-K100P R type:  Изображение  Pimped !!  mid3


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