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軽自動車同人雑誌 (kei-jidōsha-dōjin-zasshi)  formerly ‘ kei-car-world ‘

(The Fanzine for  Classic & Sports  kei-cars & trucks, old & new)

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B o n   v o y a g e  –  安全な 旅行   –  & have a nice trip !!

(below)  The ‘ Ultimate ‘ kei-car ? – The Honda S660 Mugen – Yes !!

Honda S660 Mugen Related image Related image

The mid-engined, 2015 Honda S660 targa topped roadster takes the kei-car genre to new heights.  At a starting price of around ¥1,917,707 (£12,000) for the standard model, the Mugen style and tuning parts can lift this figure to around ¥3,355,987 (£21,000) !!  The transverse mid-engined, rear-wheel drive 3-cylinder 660cc motor pushes out 47kW (63hp) with 104Nm (77 lb ft) of torque and uses either a 6-speed manual gearbox or a CVT with paddle-shift and has a limited top speed of 140 kph (87 mph).

A   far   cry   from   the  ‘ F l y i n g   F e a t h e r ‘ of  1955 . . .

kc126 kc133 

. . . with  350cc / 2-cyl / 12.5 bhp & 60 kph (37 mph!!

O r   t h e  . . .

1958 Yanmar KT pickup – the only diesel engined kei-truck ?

Yanmar6   YANMAR  Image result for 1958 yanmar kt diesel 

The 249 cc engine could be used independantly of the truck by farmers out in the fields.


This Month . . .

D R E S S   U P  !!

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Customising of cars in Japan (doresu appu) has many forms, here we attempt to explain them !!

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 The Daihatsu Move

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Kei – Cars  of  the 20th  Century  (The rarely heard of Minor Players )

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